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Thoughts From the Bible
Bible is the key scripture of Christianity. Many great thinkers have attempted to interpret it which are called "commentaries".

Drink water from your own cistern and running water from your own spring.
--"Proverb" (5:15)

Can a man kindle the fire in his bosom without burning his clothes?
--"Proverb" (6:27)

A soft answer turns anger away.
--"Proverb" (15:1)

Do not be anxious about tomorrow, tomorrow will look after itself.
--"Matthew" (6:34)
Many philosophies advocate this, but it does not mean that you should leave everything and sit idle. It is for those people who are so anxious for tomorrow that they cannot think anything else. This affects your other daily activities which is harmful to keep balance in the life. And tomorrow means future, not in its literal meaning as "tomorrow" (the day after today). If you have your test tomorrow, you must care about it, you must prepare for it, you must do it well to pass it. It is not going to take care of itself.

When men talk too much, sin is never far away, common sense holds its tongue.
--"Proverb" (21:23)

Argue your own case with your neighbor, but do not reveal other man's secrets.
--"Proverb" (25:9)

Have you heard a rumor? Let it die with you. Never fear, it will not burst.
--"Ecclessius" (20:18)

The greater you are, the humbler you must be.
--"Ecclessius" (3:18)

If a man shuts his ears to the cry of the helpless, he will cry for help himself and not be heard.
--"Proverb" (21:13)

The love of money is the root of all evil things.
--I Timothy (6:10)
This cannot be experienced or judged in one day, or one month, or even one year, unless you deal with money several times during that period. There is a saying in India that if you want to make your friend your enemy, lend him some money. On the contrary, lend some money to your enemy and he will be your friend. When a person loves money, he forgets even normal courtesies, leave alone essential (natural) behavior. And one does that nobody like him. Besides in love of money a person can be ready to do any kind of work - illegal, criminal, sinful etc. which fills his life with all kinds of evil things. That is why consider it as the "dirt of your hands", wash you hands often, and they will again become dirty.

A neighbor at hand is better than a brother far away.
--"Proverb" (2:10)



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