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5-Sheikh Chillee Goes to Sasuraal

Once it so happened that because Sheikh Chillee did not do anything for living, his poor mother sent him out of the house saying that she could no longer bear his expenses. Poor Sheikh Chillee went out in an other village, build a hut for himself started living there. Since he was a lively man, he made many friends there. They helped him and he started living there comfortably. The daughter of leader of that village liked his attitude and started loving him. One day Sheikh Chillee's friends  requested the leader to marry his daughter Raziyaa to Sheikh Chillee and he married her to him. he gave lots of money, clothes, jewelry etc to Sheikh Chillee. After getting married Sheikh Chillee came back to his own village and showed everything to his mother.

His mother also got very happy to see her daughter-in-law and wealth got in her son's marriage. She was happy in her heart but she knew that her son is very lazy and he does not have any skill also to earn money, so what will happen in future, she did not know. So she again instigated him to do something. Sheikh Chillee was firm on his statement that he had done such a big job and what else she wanted from him? His mother told that it was only a chance, not a regular phenomenon. If you do some work your own and earn money then I can agree." Sheikh Chillee made up some stories to his mother and the time was passing.

One day his wife went to her father's house. One year passed and she did not come back, so he decided to go to his in-law's house. He asked his mother - "Mother, Where is my in-law's place? Tell me, so that I can go there. I have forgotten the place." His mother said - "You are such a fool, that even if I tell you the address, you will forget it again. I tell you a way by which you will straight reach your in-law's place. If you go straight, never turn anywhere, you will reach your in-law's place." She gave him some Sattoo (roasted flour of barley) and vegetables and Sheikh Chillee set off to his in-law's house.

Sheikh Chillee went straight and after walking for 2-3 Kos he came to a big tree. He remembered that his mother told him to go straight, so he climbed on that tree and climbed down the tree on the other side and again set off on his journey. Further he saw a river, he crossed it and somehow came to his in-law's house. His in-laws felicitated him with many eatables but he did not eat any of their food except his Sattoo and vegetables - because his mother said so. In the night also he ate his Sattoo and slept. In the middle of the night he felt hungry so he came out and lay down under a tree.

Now there was  beehive on the tree. It was full of honey so the honey was trickling from it. Some drops fell in his mouth too, while some drops fell on his body. he felt his body sticky, but that fool did not know why he was feeling sticky. So he got up and went inside the house and slept there. There was some cotton kept in that room, so it was stuck to his body because of the honey. In the morning his wife came in that room to take some cotton. As she saw him, she could not recognize him and started crying. She asked - "Who are you?" and ran outside the room. She reported her mother that some thief has entered in the room. Hearing this her mother gathered her neighbors and all came to that room to see the thief. When people asked him who was he, he said "Chup" (shut up), so people thought this is Chup-named Jin, so people called a traditional doctor to cure him.



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