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3-A Prostitute

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3-Story of a Prostitute

This story was told by Raamkrishn Paramahans.

There was a saint who used to sit under a tree just opposite to the house of a Devadaasee (plainly prostitute). She used to receive many people everyday. So every time when someone went inside the prostitute's house the Saint used to put a pebble aside to keep the count of how many men went inside her house, while he was giving out sacred ash to his devotees.

On the other side, the Prostitute used to look out of her house and saw the saint sitting under the tree giving out the ash to his devotees. Every time she had a customer she used to pray to God seeking His blessing saying, "You have created me in this life to live a life of prostitute and to live by earning money by selling my body but at least in my next birth, have mercy on me, I should be like this saint (Sanyaasee).

By chance, both died on the same day and arrived in God's kingdom. While the Saint was dragged by ropes to hell, the prostitute was carried in flower decked palanquin to Heavens. Why? because even being a Sanyaasee, that Sanyaasee always had that prostitute in his mind; while that prostitute, even being a prostitute, always wished to be a Sanyaasee.

[So do not go by outwardly appearance, try to be near the God.]



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