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Story No 2-Dhruv-2

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As Dhruv set out to forest, Naarad Jee came to see him. Naarad Jee is a great devotee of Vishnu. He is the son of Brahmaa Jee. He always carries Veenaa and sings songs in Vishnu's praise. He never stays in one place and always wanders in all worlds. He knows everything. So he knew about Dhruv also. He wanted to test him so he came to see him. 

He asked the boy - "Dear son, Who are you? You are so young, barely 5 years old, where are you going wearing the clothes of tree bark? It seems that you are going to forest. But don't you know that there live very fierce animals?"

Dhruv didn't know this man who was talking to him but he was brought up with good behavior, moral and conduct by his mother, so he bowed to him with great respect and told him his whole story. He further said - "I am going to forest to do Tap and to seek Naaraayan who can give me wisdom and love me as fathers love their children." Naarad Jee  said - "Tap is not easy, and see your mother is alone in the house. Who is going to console her if you are not there?"

But Dhruv was very firm in his determination, he said - "Now I don't seek any man's love except Naaraayan's love. And I am not afraid of the forest. My mother told me that no harm will come to me if I believe in Naaraayan." Naarad Jee got very pleased hearing this, he blessed him and said - "Nobody can harm the children like you. You go straight along this road until you reach Yamunaa River. On its banks is Madhu Van which is very suitable for Tap. You take bath in the river, sit under a tree and do Tap of this Mantra, "Om Namo Naaraayanah". Forget everything about your stepmother or father or anything. I am sure Naaraayan will surely appear before you soon." Dhruv again greeted him and went away towards the river.

Naarad Jee now came to city to Raajaa Uttaanpaad. Raajaa welcomed him and worshipped him. Then he expressed his heart to him. As expected, Naarad found him in great distress. He consoled him - "Hey Raajan, Your son is not an ordinary man. He will have the Darshan of Naaraayan and not only will become famous himself but will make famous you also. So you don't worry about him, but be kind and loving to your senior wife too." And Naarad Jee disappeared from there.

Dhruv came to Madhu Van and set himself for Tap. In the first month he ate only a couple of fruits once in three days; in second month he ate only a few leaves once in six days; in third month he drank only a little water once in nine days; in fourth month he opened his mouth once in 12 days and swallowed only a little air; in the fifth month he stopped even that and stood on one foot and continued his Jap.

Such hard tap of such a young boy moved the three worlds. Even Devtaa could not tolerate the heat of this Tap, so they went to Naaraayan to save them from this heat. Naaraayan immediately went to Dhruv and gave him His Darshan. Dhruv was doing his Jap standing on one foot. Naarayan called him - "My dear Dhruv, wake up, I am here. Open your eyes and see me. I am very pleased with you so ask me anything you wish."

Dhruv opened his eyes and saw Naaraayan standing before him with His four arms holding a lotus flower, Chakra, Gadaa and conch shell. He fell on His feet. He wanted to pray but as he was a small boy he did not know how to even pray God. Vishnu touched His conch with his lips and he started praying Him fluently. "O Maadhav, Mukund, Govind, even the four-faced Brahmaa cannot describe your glory. By you only men live, think and act. By seeing you only they get everything they wish for."

Naaraayan said - "Now you go back to your kingdom. Your father will now love you. You will be a great king. After your life on earth is over you will become a star and its name will also be Dhruv (Polar) star. You will shine bright in the sky. Even the planets and seven Rishi will revolve around you. All people will look at you for guidance in night." And He disappeared.

Dhruv got very happy with all this. He went back to his kingdom. Raajaa along with his both Raanee and other people came out of the city to welcome him. They all rejoiced his coming for many days. Dhruv became a good great king and after his death he became the Dhruv Taaraa (Polar Star).

[Thus such a young child had the Darshan of Bhagvaan by believing in Him. There is one thing more - Vigyan can't be given to a person lacking Gyaan. Gyaan is the knowledge gained in accordance to Shaastras. But at the same time Gyaan is not the bookish knowledge of canons. For instance, a person having Vairaagya in early stage of life may take Sanyaas and therefore may skip the first Aashram in which bookish knowledge of Shastras is gained (Brahmchary). So was the case with Dhruv. When Lord Vishnu asked Dhruv to ask for a Varadaan, Dhruv did not ask for worldly things or for Heavens or Moksha either. The little boy pined that he started Tapasyaa and meditation too early in his life and could not study in school, and therefore did not learn the Stuti (prayer) of Lord. Pandit recite Stuti for getting a Varadaan, but Dhruv asked for the knowledge of Stuti in Varadaan, because he had no Desire left ! This is the meaning of Dhruv-pad : perfect Nishkaamataa. Our textbooks cleverly omit this gist in the story of Dhruv which I learnt through Vishnu Puraan.]

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