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Story of Eklavya

Eklavya's story is a tribal boy's story. It is a very famous story of Mahaabhaarat. It is the story a dedicated boy to learn something from his chosen Guru without caring for its consequences.

So Eklavya was a son of a tribal chief. He used to hunt with his father. One day he came across the Gurukul of Drone. There lived Paandav and Kaurav to learn different weaponry. Eklavya was more interested in archery. He just stood there and watched them doing many things which he himself wanted to learn. He was astonished to see their aims that they never missed, because their Guru taught them the trick. He was very impressed with their Guru and wished if he could also learn from him.

When he came home he talked to his father about it. His father said - "He was none other than Drone who was so skilled in archery that he could lift a ring from a well through only a blade of grass." The boy said - "I wish I could also learn archery from him." The father said - "My child, He teaches to princes." The boy said - "I will try." He went to Drone and requested him to accept him as his student; but Drone refused him to take him as his student because he taught only to Kshatriya and Braahman and he was neither Kshatriya nor Braahman. Eklavya got very disappointed.

Then he made a decision. He made an idol of Drone out of clay and established it under a tree. He used to worship that idol daily and practice archery daily with the permission of that idol. Sometimes he used to go to Drone's Aashram and watched the princes. Gradually he became very skilled in archery.

Now one day it so happened that Drone brought Kaurav and Paandav in that forest for recreation. They had a dog also. By chance that dog went around and came to the place where Eklavya was practicing his archery. He identified him as Princes' dog so he shot a few arrows at him to fill his mouth with arrows. The dog ran away along with arrows and came to where Kaurav and Paandav were playing. Arjun noticed their dog's mouth filled with arrows, he exclaimed - "Wonderful, Who has done this to him?"

All turned their eyes to him and were surprised to see him like this. Drone followed his trail with his princes to the place where Eklavya was still practicing his archery. Drone asked him - "Who are you my child? And who has shot these arrows at his mouth?" The boy knew him, so he greeted him with respect and said - "My name is Eklavya. I am the son of Tribe Chief and my father works with the King Jaraasandh. I filled his mouth with my arrows."

Drone asked - "From whom you have learned this?" Eklavya said - "I have learned this from you only. You are my Guru." Drone got surprised to hear this, he said - "But I have never taught you, I have never seen you." Eklavya said - "Guru Jee, I have learned this only from you. Come and see." He took them to that tree under which he had established Drone's idol. Some fresh flowers were still kept there near the idol's feet. Drone was very surprised to see all this. He saw a great archer in him, but he has already promised Arjun that he would make him the greatest archer, he had to do something.

He said to him - "Do you know that when one learns anything from a Guru he has to pay Guru Dakshinaa?" "Yes, Guru Jee. I know it. Please ask for anything." Drone said - "Then give me the thumb of your right hand." All princes got just stunned hearing Drone's order, but Eklavya was unshaken. He immediately picked a knife, cut his right thumb and presented it in Guru's feet. Drone went away from there with his princes. Even today, it is said, that that tribe doesn't use their right thumb while using bow and arrow.

[This is the example of devotion and sincerity of a student towards his Guru.]



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