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Story of Abhimanyu

Abhimanyu as the son of 3rd Paandav Arjun and his fourth wife Subhadraa. Subhadraa was Krishn and Balaraam's younger sister. When he was very young, Krishn took Subhadraa and him to Dwaarakaa. he was brought up there under the care, love, and guidance of Krishn. Krishn knew everything so He had prepared him as a good warrior.

When he was still in the womb of Subhadra, once Krishn was telling Subhadraa about the warfare. Along with many things He told her how to enter Chakra Vyooh (a kind of style of fighting), but as He wanted to tell her how to come out from that Vyooh, she slept and he could not hear anything. Later when he was born and grown young, he asked Krishn o tell him how to come out from Chakra Vyooh. Krishn told him to ask from his father (Arjun), but he did not get chance even to talk to his father about this. Paandav had gone to forest in exile for 13 years, and when they came back, they married him to Uttaraa (King Viraat's daughter - Paandav spent their one year of incognito in his kingdom). And soon the Great war was declared.

The war continued for 18 days continuously between Kaurav and Paandav. Once Abhimanyu came to fight with Bheeshm. Bheeshm had not seen him before. When he fought with Abhimanyu, he asked him to introduce himself. Abhimanyu introduced himself and fought with him bravely. Seeing the way of his fight, Bheeshm said to Arjun - "Your son is like yourself. Once I felt that I am fighting with Arjun."

During the war, Duryodhan found that unless Arjun was not removed from the battlefield, he could not win the war. He planned to capture Yudhishthir, because if he had captured him, he would capture the King of Indraprasth, and thus he would win the war. So he got succeeded in his plan - in removing Arjun from the battlefield. He asked one of his friends to take him away from the battlefield. When he had taken Arjun away, Drone arranged his army in Chakra Vyooh fashion, because he new that only Arjun and Krishn were able to deal with that Vyooh, and both were far from the battlefield. In this way Drone was expecting Yudhishthir to come and face them, and as he would come he would be arrested and they would win the war.

But as soon a Yudhishthir saw the Chakra Vyooh, he got scared and discussed with his other brothers what to do. By chance Abhimanyu was present there, he told the that he knew to enter the Vyooh, but he did not know how to come out. Yudhishthir go a sigh of relief, but still was hesitant to send a young boy of 16 inside the Vyooh from which he did not know to come out. But there was no alternative. Yudhishthir and Bheem assured him that as soon as he would enter the Vyooh, they all will enter the Vyooh behind him.

So Abhimanyu went inside, but according to Drone's plan, the Paandav could not enter behind Abhimanyu and he had to go alone. He proceeded without any hindrance and came to the center of the Vyooh where many Great warriors were waiting for Yudhishthir. As they saw Abhimanyu, they thought who allowed this child to come here? But since he had already come there, they had to face him. Abhimanyu fought so bravely that everybody got tired soon and started thinking "we are not able to kill him, how we will win him". He even made Karn an Duryodhan run away from the field.

At last Karn went to Drone and asked him the way to kill him. Drone said - "he cannot be killed from front. Till he has bow in his hand, he cannot be killed. One has to attack him from the back and drop his weapon from his hand, then only he can be killed. If you can do that, you can be successful." Then Karn went at his back and cut his bow. Kritvarmaa killed his horses, and Kripaachaarya killed his two Saarathee. Others covered him with their arrows.

Seeing this Abhimanyu jumped in the sky with his sword and shield. Then Drone cut his sword and Karn cut his shield. So he came down without his sword and shield. He took up his chariot wheel and ran towards Drone in anger. Holding the wheel in his hand he was looking like second Vaasudev with His Disc. The kings who were looking at him filled with anxiety and cut his wheel in hundred pieces. Then he took up a Gadaa (mace) and rushed towards Ashwatthaamaa. Ashwatthaamaa saved himself by leaping three steps aside. Abhimanyu killed his horses and two charioteers. Then he proceeded towards Dushaasan's son and killed his horses and broke his chariot. Dushaasan's son hit him on his head and Abhimanyu fell down on earth unconscious and thus was one slain by many in the battle.

Paandav could not do anything. When Arjun came back in the evening and came to know about his son, he cried a lot and vowed to kill Jayadrath next day before sunset. he fulfilled his vow in spite of that he was guarded well by Duryodhan.

[From Mahaabhaarat. This is the example of great bravery.]



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