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8-Kabeer Daas

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8-Kabeer Daas
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Kabeer Daas was born in Kaashee, India in 1398 AD. He lived for 120 years and is said to have relinquished his body in 1518. This period is also said to be the beginning of Bhakti Movement in India.

He was a cloth weaver by profession, and a Muslim by being born in a Muslim family, Kabeer ranks among the world's greatest poets. He is perhaps the most quoted author. He has written some Pad (couplets) which are quoted often to teach morals etc to the society.

Kabeer openly criticized all sects and gave a new direction to the Indian philosophy. This is due to his straight forward approach that has a universal appeal. It is for this reason that Kabeer is held in high esteem all over the world. To call Kabeer a universal Guru is not an over exaggeration.

Kabeer was longing for a Guru who he got with very great difficulty. Being born in a Muslim family he was attracted to Raam Naam, and he wanted that Raamaanad Jee should give him this Mantra to him. Raamaanand was a great ascetic of those times, so he daily used to go to his Aashram and await him. He would plead with everyone who walked out of this gate, "I desire to receive Upadesh of Raam Naam from the Guru. Please recommend my case to him." But, none seemed to help him. Instead they advised him to chant the Mantra of his own religion. He would plead, "No, My heart desires only Raam Mantra. Please speak about me to the Guru."

Not at all discouraged by the words of others, he would stand at the gates of the Aashram all through the day, everyday, without fail. He never once felt that he should not come back here as none seemed to help him. For months he stood at the gates of the Aashram, awaiting the Grace of the Guru.

Once Raamaanand heard the conversation between his 'Poojaa Moorti' Raam and Lakshman. Raam said to Lakshman, "Oh! Lakshman, Let us leave this Aashram!" Lakshman asked, "Brother! Why do you wish to leave this Aashram?" Raam said, "There is a person coming to the gates of this Aashram every day desiring to receive Upadesh, but, none seems to help him, why then should we remain here?" Immediately, Raamaanand pleaded with Raam, "Oh! Lord! I was not aware of this till now. I will find out and give Upadesh to this person. You should not leave this Aashram. You must remain here, please."

On the other side, Kabeer thought, if he could lie on the path from where Raamaanad went to take bath in the morning, he might meet his Guru. So the next day, early morning, Kabeer went to the banks of Gangaa and lay down on the steps to the river. Raamanand also took his Kamandal and Jap Maalaa, wore his Paadukaa and walked to Hanumaan Ghaat on the banks of the Ganges for his bath. As Kabeer was lying on the steps leading to the river, weeping, "At least today I should receive Upadesh from my Guru." Raamaanand's Padukaa hit his head! Raamanand immediately pulled back his foot saying "Raam, Raam, Raam" and saw that a man was lying on the steps of the Ghaat. The Sun had not yet risen but Kabeer Daas looked at this Sun that was Raamaanand. Raamaanand stood there lustrous like the Sun. Kabeer Daas' heart leaped with joy as he heard Raam Naam uttered from the lips of the Guru.

He thought, "I desired Upadesh of Raam Mantra from the Guru, but, how blessed I am that I have received it on the banks of the Gangaa with the blessings of the Guru's Paadukaa touching my head!" From that moment onwards Kabeer Daas began incessant Jaap of the Taarak Mantra. Due to his deep Bhakti he attained the highest state.



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