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6-Honesty and Truthfulness

Mahaatmaa Gandhi is the best example of the one who practiced honesty and truthfulness. When he was usefulness non-violence for India's independence purpose, he was arrested and put in jail. One of the rules of jail was that the prisoners would receive no newspapers or news of the outside world.

One day a doctor who was friendly with Gandhi Ji came to see him. He had brought some papers with him. In fact among those papers, there was a newspaper also in which some news about Gandhi's non-violence movement was published, which the doctor thought Gandhi should know about it. So he kept the papers on Gandhi's bed and talked to him for a while. When he had finished talked, he picked up all other papers but left the newspaper on his bed, and came out of the prison.

When Gandhi saw the newspaper, he refused to read it. He was so honest that he did not want to break any rule of the prison. So Gandhi turned his back from the newspaper and sat facing the prison cells corner. He did not even look at it.

The next morning that doctor came again and said to Gandhi - "I am sorry, I forgot my newspaper here." Gandhi replied - "Yes, You sentenced me to spend the whole night in a corner."

[Such was Gandhi's honesty that even if no one saw him reading the newspaper, he did not want to be dishonest. How many of us live by such a degree of honesty?]



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