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Story No 4

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4-Greedy Children

There lived a poor man. He had four sons. His sons were very lazy and did not do any thing. They were all after the money. But since he did not have much money they did not care for him also. Gradually the time passed and the man became old. Although he was very sad about his children but could not do anything.

As he got old, he needed care from somebody but his children did not care for him. He got worried and started thinking of some solution of this problem. At last he got one. In the late evening he started sitting in his small room, closed it, and shake some coins mixed with some small stones in a tin as if he was counting his money.

For a few days his sons ignored his this action, but later they thought that maybe their father has got lots of money from somewhere, that he counted daily at night. All of them started taking care of him. Each one tried to take better care than another. They all thought that they would get that money after his death. Now he had no sadness, no problems and no difficulties. His all sons were taking good care of him. He looked happier and healthier than before. His solution continued and so his sons continued to take care of him.

Some time passed. The man got ill and died. His sons performed his last rites and rushed to see his that small room in which he used to count his money. They quickly went through the whole room, but found nothing notable where they thought that lots of money should be. There was a small tin pitcher containing only a few coins along with a few small stones.

All of his sons got very disappointed to find that. They beat their heads, and abused him badly, but the man had got what he wanted during the last few months of his life.

[Behave with the people according to their nature. You won't get anything if you stick to your principles.]



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