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Story No 23

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23-God's Many Forms

There was a religious family in a large city who used to pray over dinner everyday. The man used to pray God to come to his dinner table as a guest and bless the food. He had a young son, he daily listened to this prayer attentively.

One day, he could not control himself, he asked his father - "Why do you keep asking God to come and bless the food when he does not come." The father had no reply to this, but he said - "Son, We will keep waiting, I am sure that God must be listening to our invitation each night." The son again said - "If you are really waiting for Him, then why don't you set a plate for Him?"

This time the father thought, his son was right, so he got up and set a plate for God along with silverware, glass, napkin etc. As soon he had finished setting the plate, they heard a knock on the door. The boy could not resist himself thinking that God had come to eat dinner. So he ran to open the door, but as he opened the door he found a young homeless boy shivering in freezing cold outside the house.

The son was first shocked, because he expected to see God, but then thought for a moment and said - "Oh, God Himself could not come today, that is why he has sent His son to us, please, come inside." He brought that boy inside, gave him some warm clothes to wear and set him at God's empty place at the dinner table to eat

[This is always not a story, it happens many times with us. But most people want to see God in His original form, but forget that God has many forms and He can come in any form. So respect all the forms of God.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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