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Story No 19

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19-Bringing Light Into Darkness

Once there was cave which used to live underground, as most caves do. Since she spent her entire life underground, she lived in darkness and never saw light. One day a voice talked to her and said - "O Cave, Come up into light and enjoy the sunlight." The Cave replied - "I do not know what you mean by light, all I have ever known is darkness, and only darkness."  The voice again said - "Come up and see for yourself."

The Cave gathered her courage and slowly climbed up from the depths of the Earth and came out. As she came up she was astounded to see the light. She had never seen such light before in her entire life. The Cave exclaimed, "Beautiful." After enjoying the light for a while she said to the sunlight, "Now it is your turn to see darkness where I live." The sunlight asked - "What is darkness?" The Cave answered - "Come and see for yourself." and went down in her home.

One day the sunlight decided to visit the Cave's home, so she slowly entered her home and called - "Cave, Come, I have come to see you." But she could not find any darkness, so she asked the Cave - "Where is darkness, O Cave? You wanted to show me darkness, but I don't see any, where is it?"

But with the sunlight inside, there was no darkness, all around was light, and light, and light.

[This is the power of light. Wherever there is light, there can be no darkness. Whenever we feel dark outside, we should bring our inner light to the darkness and then there will be no darkness in our lives. Our inner light is LOVE. And with LOVE everything is possible.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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