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Story No 15

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15-Do Your Best for Everybody

Once it so happened that there was a group of musicians which used to make their living by playing traveling around from one town to another. One day they felt they were not making much money. People were not able to pay for the ticket they were charging for their music.

So they sat together to decide what to do. One musician said - "I think we should stop performing now because our earning is not much." Several others also supported him giving their own reasons. But there was one sitting silent not commenting on their statements. Then the others asked him - "You did not say anything, what is your idea?" He said - "I think we should perform. I know that now-a-days very few people are coming, but still we should perform, because we have a duty to perform towards those people. They will be expecting us to perform. The people who come should not be punished for those who do not come."

The other musicians got some encouragement from his statement and they performed in that cold wintry snowy night at their best. Very few people came to their performance on that night as they expected, but they were happy that at least some were there.

When everybody had left, the last musician who encouraged others to perform, came to them and handed a note saying - "One of the people gave me this note before he left the hall." Everybody was surprised to see the note, because nobody had left any note for their performance during their whole life.

They immediately unfolded it and read loud - "You have performed beautifully tonight, thanks a lot. Come to my court tomorrow morning." The note was signed by "Your King". All of them started dancing with happiness. This performance had made their life. They thanked heartily to that musician for encouragement and went to their homes waiting to meet the King next day morning.

[This story teaches us that one should keep one's attitude right towards everything. It is our attitude which makes many impossible things happen. One must see God or King in everybody. Besides great are the people who do their best for poor or rich alike. Being poor does not make them less than the rich people who can pay for the services. We should not be discouraged also if only a few people are appreciating our service.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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