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Story No 13

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13-The Genie and the Merchant

One day a merchant went to a market with the intention to buy something for trade. He saw many shops and much material to buy. He was at the point of deciding what to buy that he found a man sitting with a Genie. He got surprised to see that the man wanted to sell his Genie. He went to that man and asked him - "What are you selling?" The man replied - "I am selling this Genie." "How much you are selling for?" "No special price, whatever you give to me." The merchant got more surprised to hear this. He again asked - "What does it do?" "He can do anything whatever you wish for. In fact he is a wish-fulfilling Genie." "Then why are you selling him?" "Because I have no wish now, and he cannot stay idle. As soon as he has fulfilled one wish he wants another wish to fulfill. I have fulfilled my all wishes and now no more is left so he is idle. When he doesn't get any job to do, he destroys what he has given to his master. Since I had no wish to fulfill, he has destroyed what he gave to me. Now I want to sell him."

The merchant got very happy to hear this. He thought he had lots of jobs to do so he could make use of the Genie at his best. Rather he needed somebody to help him, so he said - "I want to buy him, now tell me how much do you want for him?" "I have already told you, whatever you like to give, just buy him." So the merchant gave him some money and got ready to buy the Genie. At that time the Genie confirmed - "Have you heard what did he say about me? I cannot sit idle. As soon as I finish my one assignment I need another one. Do you think you have so much work for me?" The merchant had lots of things to do, so he was sure that he would be able to engage the Genie all the time. He replied to Genie - "Yes, I have heard it, I have lots of jobs for you." He bought the Genie and set off to his home.

When he came home, the Genie asked him - "Now tell me, What can I do for you?" The merchant said - "I have about 25 land pieces in 25 different countries, but there is no safety device for them. You go there, fence them and label them." "OK, I will do it quickly." "But wait, how would you do it? You do not know where in which countries I have those lands, where are their locations, what are their sizes, etc information about them. Let me give you the list so that you can start your work." The Genie laughed - "We do not work like humans. I know all this information, I just want your orders, so you have given to me. I read your mind and have known everything." He clapped three times and said - "Your work is done. Now tell me another work."

The merchant had never thought that what he could take years together to finish this work, he would finish it within no time. He thought if he could finish this work so fast he could build my factories, or gardens or hotels also with the same speed, and my work will begin immediately. He said to the Genie - "Now you build the buildings, factories, hotels and gardens on those lands which they are meant for." The Genie again clapped three times and said - "My Master, Your work is done. All factories have been built, they are running efficiently. All hotels have also been erected and are running by efficient managers. I have planted gardens also and many kinds of flowers and trees are spreading their sweet smell around. Now what can I do for you?"

The merchant was about to faint hearing this, but somehow he gathered himself. He thought for a moment and spoke - "I want to become the richest man of the Earth and all people should regard me as their King." The Genie again clapped three times and said - "O My Master, It is done. You are the richest person over this Earth and people have regarded you as their King. They are making preparations for your coronation. Now tell me, What can I do for you?"

Now the merchant could not think of anything else, so got worried that since he did not have any work for him, he would destroy him. He pondered for a moment then he remembered a man. Once he met this man somewhere while traveling and he assured him that whenever he needed any help, he should remember him, he would certainly try to help him. So in this time of great difficulty, the merchant remembered him. He asked Genie - "Before I become the King of the Earth, I would like to take the blessings of my teacher by whose grace I have found you and got all these things. Take me to my Guru's place. It is ..." The Genie interrupted him - "I know where does he live. Come." And he immediately took him to the cave where his Guru lived. He said - "You can go to your Guru, talk to him and come back here. I am waiting for you. As soon as your finished your talking, I will take you back to your coronation ceremony. When you come out just clap three times and I will be here to take you back."

The merchant said "OK." and went inside the cave where his Guru was sitting half naked. He went near him, greeted and asked for his blessings. Guru recognized him and asked his welfare - "Tell me, Why did you remember me?" The merchant was very sad, he said - "Guru Jee, Please save me from this awkward situation." "What is it you are worrying for?" He told him everything, he said - "Once I was wandering in the market to buy some interesting thing, that I came upon a man who was selling his wish fulfilling Genie. I had lots of work to do, so I bought that Genie from him. I did not know that these genie have so much extraordinary power. He finished my all work within no time and made me the King of the whole Earth. Now he cannot sit idle, if I do not give him another work he will take all he has given to me, and I do not want to be poor. Please, Guru Jee, save me from this awkward situation, I beg you."

Guru Jee laughed - "Is this the only trouble making so much worried?" "Yes, Guru Jee, Do you think it is a small trouble? Please, save me." Guru Jee said - "Be calm and relax. It is very easy to control him. I will surly tell you the way to control him, but take some rest first, you have come here from so far place." "Guru Jee, I cannot be calm and I cannot take rest. That Genie is standing on my head. If I did not tell him another work, he will undo whatever he has done for me and ruin my family too, so you have to tell me now what should I do with him." Guru Jee again laughed and said - "OK, OK, I tell you the way. Tell him to bring the longest bamboo pole from a forest. Then ask him to fix it in the ground very firmly. Then ask him to go up and down until you ask him to stop. You can always stop him and take another work whenever you have in mind, and then ask him to do the same till you have another work to do. This will keep him busy and you can enjoy your kingdom, wealth and family."

The merchant jumped from the happiness at this simple technique. He cried - "Guru Jee, Why couldn't I think of such a simple way to control him?" Guru Jee said - "Because when one is obsessed with fear and anxiety, one cannot think straight. First you were blinded by your ambitions and you bought the Genie. When Genie finished your work so fast, you lost your mind and you got scared of the destruction he might bring to you and your family. At such times you should always remember your helper, who helps us all, he is very near to us. You did not need to come here so far. I also have a Genie and here is the pole for my Genie." and showed him his rosary.

Now the merchant was relaxed. He came out of the cave in a very peaceful mood and clapped three times. The Genie was waiting for him. He said to him - "Take me back." Genie immediately brought him back where his coronation was going to take place. The Genie asked him - "Now tell me, What can I do for you?" The merchant said - "Bring me the longest bamboo pole for me." He brought the bamboo pole immediately. "Fix it firmly in the ground." "It is fixed, O Master." "Now you go up and down this pole until I ask you to stop."

Now Genie had no choice. He started going up and down the pole. It was a never ending job and he was bound to do it. The merchant was free, he went to his coronation ceremony and enjoyed.

[It is not good to have limitless ambitions. Nor somebody should lose his patience in his bad times. Losing patience means loss of mind and one cannot think and work properly in that state of mind.]



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