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Story No 53

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53-An Egg Seller's Dream

Once there was an egg seller who daily sold his chickens' eggs in the nearby city market. Although he did not earn much money out of selling those eggs, but still he was very ambitious.

One day he kept his all eggs in a basket and set off for the city as he usually did. As much ambitious he was, he started thinking soon - "Now I have only very few eggs to sell, so I earn only a little. So I should start saving some money so that I can buy more hens. When I will have more hens, I will need to rent more space to keep them. More hens means, more eggs; more eggs means more sale and more sale means more money. After some time I will build a new house too. My present house is old and small.

Then I will buy more hens and thus I will have more money. Then I will marry. I will have at least 4 children. How good it will be when they will be playing in my courtyard. More family members means, I will need more money, so I will have to buy more hens. When my children will grow up, they will also need money and will be askinh from me. But how can I give them money which I had earned with such a hard labor. Even if one child will ask me money, I will slap him."

Saying this as he removed his hand from the basket to slap the child, the basket fell down and his all eggs were broken. He just sat under a nearby tree abusing himself and crying.

[Do not dream too much.]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on January 15, 2002
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