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Story No 42

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42-Where is Heaven

There was a king who used to hear mythological sagas from his courtiers everyday. One day a minister recited him the story of Indra and his Heaven. But the King did not believe in the existence of Heaven. The Minister tried hard to make the king believe that the Heaven does exist. To this the King said, "If the Heaven does exist then we all would like to witness Indra riding his carriage." Hearing this the minister came in great hassle due to this insistence of the king. The days began to pass.

During this time the King began the construction of a dam on the river in the town. The Minister was appointed as the supervisor for this work. When the dam got ready the minister rose a wall next to it and got small-small lakes constructed there. With the beautiful carvings the walls and the peep-holes appeared graceful.

On the Full Moon night the Minister took the King and the other courtiers to the river and after making them sit in the skylights he said, "Now you all will see Indra with his carriage coming here. Then the Minister started saying aloud, "Oh King see! Indra with his carriage is coming here, Indra with his beautiful Nymphs is coming here. Wow! This is all so beautiful but only pure people will be able to see this and not the sinners." Nobody could see any thing but still everyone kept quiet.

The next day the King asked the Minister about the reality and the minister said, "Dear King! You got a dam constructed over here and it is greatly benefiting the people and has brought them great happiness and in their happiness lies your Heaven." The King understood the gist of the whole incident and learnt that with good deeds we can see the Heaven on the earth itself.

[If we can bring even a little happiness on other's faces, if we can fill only a corner of their life with joy, there only we receive our heaven.....]



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