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Submitted Birbal Stories - Index

We have asked our readers to send any story of Akbar and Birbal which they do not see here in Birbal Section-1 and Birbal Section-3 of our site. Some people have kindly sent us some stories for inclusion. They are given here separately, so that not to mix with the original ones. To read the original 45 stories of Akbar and Birbal click on Birbal at the top of this page or click here. We are very thankful to all those people who have contributed to this section.

There is another Section too Birbal Section-3 for original stories.

Stories have been edited for clarity.

The following stories have been sent by Senthil Kumar :--
1.  Birbal Shortened the Road
2.  The Sharpest Sword and the Strongest Shield
3.  Birbal's Generosity
4.  Full Moon, Quarter Moon
5.  Birbal Turns Tables
6.  Birbal's Choice

The following story has been sent by Poorani Ravichandran :-
7.  Eight Feet Away

The following story has been sent by Swapna Seerla :-
8. Whose Bag?

The following stories has been sent by Aftab Lokhandwala.
9. How Birbal Brought Meat Back in the Community?
10. The Colorful Bird

The following story has been sent by Ramesh Patodia.
11. Three Idols

Birbal Stories List No 1

Birbal Stories List No 3



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