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Story No 8

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8-I am Your Servant, Huzoor?

Once Akbar and Birbal passed through some farms while riding on their horses. They happened to pass through a cabbage patch. Looking at the patch.
Akbar said to Birbal, "What a delightful vegetable the cabbage is. I like it very much."
Birbal said, "Huzoor, Cabbage is the king of the vegetables."
Akbar did not reply to this, and they went on.

Another day, they were riding past the same cabbage patch again. This time Akbar made a face, and said, "This cabbage is such a tasteless vegetable. How people tolerate it." Birbal replied, " Yes Huzoor, really it is difficult to even look at such a tasteless vegetable." Akbar again listened to this and they went on.

After a while the King remembered something. He said to Birbal, "Birbal, I don't understand you. Last time when we passed through this patch, you told that the cabbage was the king of vegetable, and today you said that "It is even difficult to look at such a tasteless vegetable." What do you mean by that?"

Birbal said bowing to the King, "Huzoor, I am your servant, not of cabbage."

Another Version of This Story

Its another version goes like this. One day Akbar and Birbal were roaming around in the Royal Gardens. Akbar was in a good mood. So he said to Birbal, "Birbal, eggplant is such a good vegetable that I have never tasted such a delicious vegetable till today." Birbal said, "Yes Huzoor, it is. It is very tasty and delicious, that is why God has put a crown on its head." Akbar was very pleased to hear this that his appreciated vegetable has been crowned by God.

After a few weeks Akbar and Birbal were again roaming in the Royal Gardens. Akbar remembered something and spoke to Birbal, "Look Birbal, this eggplant is such a nasty vegetable, that I have never tasted such a tasteless vegetable till today." Birbal said, "Yes Huzoor, it is tasteless. You said it right. That is why its name is "Baygun" (Eggplant's name in India's local language Hindi is "Bengan". Birbal twisted the name which means "without any good nutrients"). Eggplant does not have any significant nutrient.

Now Akbar got very angry hearing this. He said to Birbal, "What is this Brbal? Whatever I say, you say the same thing. How is it possible that both the statements are right about eggplant." Birbal bowed a little and said politely, "Huzoor, I am loyal to you, not to eggplant. It cannot do me any favor, while you can." Akbar was very pleased to hear this bold, witty and honest response.

The End


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