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Story No 42

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42-The Poet Raayadaas

There was a poet named Raayadaas in Akbar's times. He was a very good poet. And there was a rich man also in Akbar's capital. But that rich man was enough miser too. He used to make promises to give something to somebody but never gave it to him. Raaydaas also heard this about that rich man, but didn't believe it.

So one day he went to that rich man and said to him that he had written many good poems and wanted to recite them before somebody who could appreciate his poems. He could not find any other man better than him.

The rich man got very happy, and asked him to recite his poems. The poet recited his poems, some poems were written in the praise of this rich man too. The rich man became very happy to hear those poems. So he promised to give him some money and asked him to come back next day.

Next day Raayadaas came to the rich man's house to take his reward but the rich man refused to recognize him. After some references, he said, "I said it only to encourage you, not that I wanted to reward you." Raayadaas got very disappointed and went away towards his house.

On the way he met Birbal, he told his story to Birbal. Birbal thought for a moment, then took out five gold coins and gave them to Raayadaas, and said, "Arrange a dinner for that rich man on next full moon night."  Raayadaas went away.

Raayadaas had a very good friend, Maayaadaas. He arranged the dinner in his house. In this dinner, food was to be served in gold pots and the guest was to take those pots to his house. Rich man was very happy for this invitation.

The full moon night came. The rich man came for the dinner. Now Raayadaas and Maayaadaas have already eaten their food first, so they were not worried about it. They talked and talked a lot but did not talk about the food. Midnight fell. The rich man was very hungry. When he could bear no longer, then he reminded about the food. Raayadaas said, "What food? We don't know anything about the food." Rich man said, "You have invited me for the dinner." Raayadaas said, "That is because we just wanted you to be here, not because that we wanted to offer you any food."

At that time Birbal entered the house and reminded the rich man the happening of Raayadaas. Now the rich man realized his mistake and begged for forgiveness. He said that Raayadaas was a very good poet and he will surely give his reward to him. He took out his necklace and gave to Raayadaas. Then they all sat for a happy meal. Raayadaas was also invited by Akbar and got reward from the Royal Court. Thanks to Birbal.

The End


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