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Story No 36

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36-Pickled Clue

One day a man gave a jar to his neighbor to keep until he comes back from the pilgrimage. The jar had his life's earnings. After keeping it safely, the man left for the pilgrimage. After six months when he returned from the pilgrimage, he went to his neighbor and asked for his jar.

The neighbor brought the jar and gave it to the man. The man opened the jar and found the mango pickle in it, instead of his money. He said to the neighbor politely, "Sir I gave the money to you in this jar, now it contains pickle." The neighbor said, "I don't know anything about your money. Whatever you gave to me I kept it, and only now I am bringing it out to give it to you."

The man got very sad and went to Birbal for justice. Birbal asked the neighbor, "Where is the money which was kept in this jar." The neighbor said, "I have already told that I do not know anything about the money kept in this jar. I didn't open it before, and I didn't open it now. I just took it and kept it as it was, and took it out as it was."

Then Birbal called some women from the Royal kitchen, and asked them, "How old this pickle is?" They said it is definitely not six months old. It is very new, maybe even a month old only."

Now the neighbor got caught. He returned all the money he took out from the jar.

The End


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