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Story No 15

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15-A Little Lesser and a Little More

One day Birbal's five-year old daughter accompanied him to the Royal Court. When Akbar saw her, it just came to his mind that he should test her wits whether she had the same type of wits as her father had.

He started talking to her. "Do you know Persian, O little girl?" "A little lesser and a little more, Sir" The girl replied. Birbal smiled on her reply, but Akbar could not understand it, so he asked Birbal to explain this.

Birbal said, "She knows Persian a little more than those who do not know Persian, and knows a little lesser than those who know Persian well."

Akbar understood, that she had the same wits as her father.

The End


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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/27/2001
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