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Story No 89-13, 21/21

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89-13 - Conclusion of the Story of the Hunchback (21 of 21)

The Tailor said - "When we heard the story of this Barber, we were convinced of his unmannerly intrusion, and that the young man had been treated unjustly by him, we seized upon him and put him in confinement. Keeping watch over him, we ate and drank and the feast ended in the most agreeable manner. We remained there till the afternoon prayer. When I went to my house, my wife looked angrily at me and said - "You have been enjoying all day and I am sitting here sorrowful; now if you will not take me for the amusement for the remainder of the day, I will separate from you."

So I took her out and we amused ourselves till night fell. When we were returning home, we met this hunchback, full of drink and repeating verses, so I invited him to come home with us and he agreed. I went to buy some fried fish and we all ate. My wife took a morsel of bread and a piece of fish and put them in his mouth. It choked him and he died. At this I took him up and threw him into the house of the physician; and he threw him into the house of the Steward and the Steward threw his body in the way of the broker.

This is the story of what has happened to me yesterday. Is it not more wonderful than the story of hunchback."

When the King heard this story, he ordered his Officers to go with the Tailor and to bring the Barber, saying to them, "His presence is absolutely necessary, so that I want to hear him what does he want to say, and it may free you all too. Then we will bury this hunchback decently for he has been dead since yesterday and we will make him a monument, since because of him only we have come across so many wonderful stories."

On the 34th Night

So the officers, Tailor and Barber soon came back, The King saw that the Barber was an old man, over 90 year old. He said to the Barber - "I wish that you tell me your own stories." The Barber said - "O King, What is the purpose of the presence of this Christian, this Jew, and this Muslim and this hunchback lying dead among you; and why all these have been gathered here?" The King asked - "Why do you ask this?" The Barber said - "I ask this because the King may know me as an unimportant person. I am fortunate in my characteristic name, As-Samit. I am innocent."

The King said - "Explain to the Barber the case of this hunchback, that happened yesterday; and explain to him what the Christian, the Jew, the Steward and the tailor have related." So they did that. The Barber said - "By Allaah, Uncover this humpback that I may examine him." And they did so. He then sat at his head and taking it up, placed it upon his lap and looked at his face, and laughed so violently that he fell backwards exclaiming, "For every death there is a cause and the death of this hunchback is most wonderful. It is worthy to be recorded in the notebook, and the future people may be instructed by this event."

The King got astonished at his words and said - "O Samit, Explain us fully what are you saying." The Barber said - "O King, By your grace, this hunchback is not yet dead." He then took out an ointment and rubbed it on the neck of the humpback, and covered it until he perspired. Then he took out an iron forceps and took out the piece of fish with its bone from his throat. The hunchback sprang up upon his feet, sneezed and recovered his consciousness. Everybody witnessed it.

The hunchback exclaimed - "Allaah is Great." The King laughed and other people also laughed with him. He said - "This accident is wonderful, I have never witnessed anything more strange than this. And listen you all. Has anyone of you see any one die and after that come to life? God blessed him with this Barber, for the Barber has been the cause of bringing him to life."

The King then ordered to record this event. Then he bestowed the dress of honor to each of them - the Jew, the Christian, the Muslim and the Steward, the Barber, the Tailor and the hunchback. The Tailor, he appointed his own tailor granting him regular allowances and reconciled between the hunchback and the Tailor. He appointed the hunchback as his cup-companion. He bestowed favors to Barber also. He appointed him as the state Barber and his cup-companion. So they all lived in utmost happiness and comfort.

End of Story No 89



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