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Story No 86

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86 - Merchant and the Genie

Nights 1-3

86-1 - The Merchant and the Genie

In this story, there come three people to a merchant and promise to save him from the Genie - the first one with a gazelle, the second with two black dogs, and the third one with a mule. And all tell their stories to the Genie to save the merchant, so here are those three stories --

86-2 - The First Shekh with the Gazelle

86-3 - The Second Shekh with the Two Black Dogs

86-4 - The Third Shekh with the Mule

After the second Shekh finished his story, the third one said - "Please, Do not break my heart, listen to my story also. Know O Ifrit, That this mule you are seeing, is my wife. She loved a black slave and when I had discovered this, she took a cup of water, uttered some spell on it, sprinkled on me and transformed me into a dog. I ran to the shop of a butcher in that state. At the same time the butcher's daughter saw me running. She was skilled in magic, so she returned me to my original form, and thus saved me. Then she taught me how to cast spell and do that to my wife also, so I did the same and turned my wife into a mule you are seeing now.

And now I hope that you will give me my share of 1/3rd of the merchant's offence. Thus when Shekh finished his story, the Genie shook with delight and left his 1/3rd claim also on the merchant. Then the merchant approached all the Shekh and thanked them; and in return they congratulated him on his safety and all went their ways."

Shaharzaad continued - "But this story is not more wonderful than the story of the fisherman." The King asked - "And what is the story of the fisherman?" And she started the fisherman's story like this ... see Next Story

End of Story No 86



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