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Story No 72-3/3

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72-3 - The Will of Almighty Allaah (3 of 3) :
Lost and Found

"O Lord, After some time I left my old house, where Shaad and Shaadee had seen me working, and went to live in my new mansion. One day they came to my old house, and when they did not find me there, they asked my neighbors - "Where is Hasan? Is he alive or dead?" The neighbors said - "He is now a very rich man and is now called "Master Hasan the Rope-maker" not "Hasan". They were very happy to hear about me. Shaadee did not believe that all this wealth was because of that lead coin. He said to Shaad - "I am very happy to hear about Hasan, despite the fact that he took 400 gold coins from me and lost them by deceit, but it is absurd to believe that he got these riches only because of that lead coin. Still I forgive him and do not grudge over him." Shaad said - "I know Hasan for quite some time, he would never deceit you. And I am sure that he has got these riches because of that coin. Let us go to him what does he say." They came to my mansion and knocked the door - "Is this mansion of Hasan?"

On the 623rd Night

So they came to my mansion. As soon as I saw them, I recognized them. I immediately ran towards them, kissed their garments. They embraced me and I led them to a large room and seated them on the highest seat of honor. I also took my seat opposite to them. Shaadee said - "I am sure that you must have got these riches out of those 400 coins I gave to you, but tell me, why did you deceive me twice?" Shaad said - "O Shaadee, I told you before also that Hasan has not deceived you." Then they began to quarrel among themselves.

Then I intervened them and said - "Whatever had happened to me, I told you; whether you believe me or not. But please trust me and hear my rest of the story." And then I told them the whole story. At this Shaadee said - "O Khwaajaa, It seems very strange that you found such a big diamond in the stomach of the fish; and I think it impossible that a bird can fly away with your turban; and your wife should exchange a jar to buy only clay. You say that it all is true, still I give no credit to your words. I know that all this wealth is due to those 400 coins."

Then they arose to leave, so I also arose and said - "I want to thank you for your favor. As you came to my poor home, now I wish that you take food in my present home also and spend the night here. Tomorrow I will take you to a country house I have bought recently." They consented for this. I ordered the best meals for them  in the evening, showed them the mansion and its furniture till the supper was served. We ate supper, slept in the night, and next day morning we went to my river house. It was a lovely house. My friends rejoiced with me and thanked me to bring them to such a lovely site.

On the 624th Night

Now it so happened, that as we sat resting, my two sons were roaming around in the garden seeking bird's nests. Presently they came upon a big nest. They wanted to carry it off, but because lack of experience and little practice they could not reach so high, so they asked a slave boy to climb the tree. As the slave boy climbed, he was amazed to see that the nest was made of turban. So he brought down the nest and handed down to the boys. My eldest son took it and brought it to me to see and said - "Look father, This nest is made of cloth."

Shaad and Shaadee also wondered at this and their surprise increased when I recognized it as my turban. I said to my friends - "Look at it, it is my turban that I wore when you came the first time." Shaad said - "I don't remember." But Shaadee said - "If it contains 190 gold coins then it is yours." I opened the folds and found the purse in which the gold pieces were given to me. I cried showing it to Shaadee - "Can you recognize this purse you gave to me?" He said, ashamed - "Yes, I can. Now I believe you; still you must admit that you have earned one 1/2 of this wealth with the 200 gold coins I gave to you second time, and the other half your wealth from the lead coin, Shaad gave it you."

I could make no answer to this. We then sat down to eat and after eating we went to sleep in the cool air and in the evening, we rode on our horse towards Baghdaad. Reaching the city we could not find any shop open to buy food for our horses. Then I sent two boys to look for some. One of them found a jar of bran in the shop of a corn-dealer. He paid for the bran and promised him to bring the jar back next morning. He brought it and emptied it before the horse.

On the 625th Night

He found a cloth bag, which was heavy, in the pot. He brought that bag to me and said - "Is this the bag you spoke about to us often?" I was surprised to find the bag after such a long time. It was the same bag as it still had 190 Asharfees. I showed it to Shaadee and asked him to believe me. My wife confirmed that it was the same jar which she exchanged for the clay. Now Shaadee agreed that he was wrong, I spoke the Truth; and only by the grace of Allaah I became the rich man. He begged my pardon for his mistrust. Next morning they went on their ways."

Now when the Caliph Haaroon al-Rasheed heard Hasan's story, he said - "I know you that you are good and fair man, he said, "But this diamond is now my treasure, so I would send for Shaadee, so that he might see it with his own eyes and understand that people do not become rich mere by money but by their luck. Now you go to my treasurer and he will write your story and add it to my other stories.

End of Story No 72



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