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67-1 - The History of Abee Niyaah and Aboo Niyaatain (1 of 2)

There was a King in Mosul who was very rich. In the beginning, his adventures were strange, that he was not of royal rank or race, nor was he the son of any King, but he became prosperous because of his honesty, his morals and manners. His name was Abee Niyaah, the single minded, he was so poor that he had nothing of worldly kind, so he said to himself - "Move from this place, and Allaah will give you lots of riches. So travel, because much joy is in travels." So he set his mind from moving that place, took some articles and sold them for a single Asharfee and set out for the journey from his birth place.

When he set out for his journey, there was another man, Aboo, who was always setting out for journey. He extended his acquaintance with Aboo and both set out together for their journey. Now Abee Niyaah asked his fellow - "What is your name?" He said - "My name is Aboo Niyaatain - the two-minded." "And I am Abee Niyaah." Aboo asked Abee - "Do you have any money?" Abee said - "I have only a single Asharfee." Aboo said - "But I have 10 gold pieces, so take care of them and all the money together will be 11 Asharfees." Abee accepted the charge of the money and they started their journey. They halted only for a night or two and then in the morning again set for their journey.

This continued for a while, until they came to a city with two gates and Abee went forward through its one of the entrances and suddenly he heard a slave beggar - "Give me something, it will be ten-fold for you." Abee's heart softened and he gave his only Asharfee to him. The beggar said - "An Asharfee?" Abee said - "You have only one piece of gold, while I have 10." Thus he took the joint money into consideration and went away. 

Now Abee had no money with him, not even a single copper coin, so he wandered about the town to find a Cathedral-mosque, and seeing one he went into it. He made the Vazoo ablution and prayed. Then he just sat there till his evening prayers. And he said to himself - "Nobody knows you here, so go and wander about the houses, so that Allaah may give you some bread for this day." So he went forth from the mosque to its nearest house, that he saw a slave boy coming out of its doors. He had a platter on his head in which were some broken bread pieces and bones. He shook the platter and threw the contents on the ground. Abee came forward, picked those things and ate them. When he was satisfied, the boy's attention was diverted to him.

He cried - "O Allaah." And ran inside the house. He went straight upstairs and told his master what he saw downstairs. The House Master immediately gave him 10 Asharfees and asked him to give them to that man. On the way, the boy kept one coin from them for himself and gave him 9 coins. Aboo counted the coins and said to the boy - "There lacks one coin, because the asker said - "An alms deed brings tenfold, and I gave him one Asharfee."

The house master heard him saying, "There lacks one Asharfee", so he called his servant to send him upstairs. Abee went upstairs and greeted him with Salaam. The Master asked him what his slave gave to him. He told him that he gave him 9 Asharfees. The Master asked - "When you told him that "You gave me one piece less." Do you have legal claim of that one Asharfee on us?" Abee said - "No, By Allaah, My intent was not that, but I met a beggar, who told me this." Hearing this, the Master understood his meaning and asked him to pass the night in his house. So Abee Niyaah stayed in his house for that night.

Now that was the season for alms giving, and the merchant had the wealth, not by count but by weight. So he called his treasurer who took out all the money to be given to poor, and gave the whole proceeds to Abee Niyaah saying - "O My Lord, What will I do of so much money when I already have the grace of Allaah."

Abee left the place and opened a shop to sell coffee beans, pepper, tin and other kinds of merchandise. He started selling and buying things there. After a while he saw his old fellow Aboo Niyaatain passing along the market street. He looked pale and sick and was crying - "Give me alms for the love of Allaah." Aby Niyaah looked at him and asked his servant to bring him to him. When he came and gave him food till he ate to his satisfaction. Then Aboo wanted to leave but Abee said to him - "Stay here O Sheikh, for you are my guest tonight."

When Abee closed his shop for the day, he took Aboo to his home, fed him supper and asked him whether he recognized him or not? "No, By Allah, O My Brother." At this Abee said - "I am your fellow traveler Abee Niyaah. Since then I have never changed my intent, and whatever you see with me, half of it belongs to you." Next morning he gave him his half share and opened a shop for him nearby his own shop. Thus both started buying and selling and leading a joyous life.

Thus they lived there for a while, then one day, Aboo asked Abee - "O Brother, We have long lived in this city, shall we go to another city?" Abee said - "Should we move from here where we have got so much prosperity? And should we not seek a restful life?" However Aboo was still interested in traveling so he repeated his request and Abee also agreed for it, and they both went off from that city and traveled for 20 days.

At last they came to a camping ground at about sun-set hour. They rested there at night and in the morning they searched for water and animal feed for their cattle. The only thing they found was a well, so one asked the other who would descend in that well to fetch water. Abee Niyaah said - "I will go." and he went down and fetched water till it was sufficient for his caravan. Now a hatred developed in Aboo Niyaatain's heart. He planned to kill Abee, so he cut the rope while he was still in the well, loaded his cattle and went away leaving his fellow in the well for the first day and until the second day until the coming the night.

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