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Story No 57-1

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57-1 - The Tale of the Wolf and the Fox (1 of 2)

A fox and a wolf once lived in the same den, but the wolf was very cruel. They lived like this for some time that one day the fox said to the wolf - "If you will continue to behave like this, Allah will give the power to man to overpower you. He can bring the birds down, he can catch the fish, he can cut the mountains. All this he can do because of his craft and cleverness." But the wolf did not listen to his counsel and growled - "What right you have to speak like this to me? Don't speak to me like this any more lest you have to hear something unpleasant from me." The fox said - "OK, I will not say anything to you which is unpleasant to you." But in his heart he had intended to destroy him.

One day the fox said to the wolf - "The Lord pardons the mistakes of His servants. If you could know what pain I have suffered because of you. Even an elephant could not have stood against it, but I am not complaining of anything. The sages have said - "The blow of the teacher hurts at first, but later it soothes." The wolf said - "I pardon you, but you should always be aware of my power." At this the fox prostrated before him and went away.

Now it so happened one day, that the fox went to a vineyard and saw a hole near its walls, but he mistrusted it - "There must be some cause for this hole. Who is like that who sees a hole in the earth and not shut it, because by this he will expose himself to danger. Although it is well-known that people make the figure of fox in their vineyards so that foxes come there and fall into their net, but still I should regard this hole properly, because it is said that "Caution is one half cleverness." Now let me examine this hole." So he went up to the hole, walked around it carefully. It was a deep pit which the owner had dug to catch wild beasts which had destroyed his vineyard. He got very happy to be escaped. The pit was covered with dust and matting. He wished that his enemy wolf fell into it.

He returned to the wolf and said to him - "Allaah has made a plain path for you to enter the vineyard, so that you may enjoy the vineyard." The wolf asked - "What is the proof that you are speaking truth?" The fox replied - "I myself went up to the vineyard and found that the owner was dead, the wolves have torn him, so I went in the orchard and saw the shining fruits upon the trees. The wolf didn't doubt the fox's report and he proceeded towards the vineyard, while the fox followed him.

Now when the wolf had reached the pit, the fox behind him said - "Enter the vineyard. You need not to use any ladder now because the wall is already broken." So the wolf walked over the pit thinking to enter the vineyard, but as he came in the middle of the pit, he fell through it. At this the fox danced with joy and started singing. After a while the fox looked into the pit and found the wolf weeping. He also wept with him.

The wolf asked - "Is it because of the pity on me that you are weeping?" The fox replied - "No, By Allaah, I weep to regret that why didn't you fall in this pit long before?" The wolf said - "O evil-doer, Go to my mother and tell her that I have fallen in this pit. She will find some way for me to come out from here." The fox said - "In fact you are brought to this condition because of your greed. Now you can never escape from here. Don't you know this proverb, "He who does not think about the end, Fate is not his friend, nor he is safe from dangers."

The wolf spoke - "You are not thinking about my friendliness, only Allaah will give me its reward." The fox said - "O stupid, Have you forgotten your arrogant behavior and disregarding my advice?" The wolf said - "Don't tease me for my past sins, for forgiveness is expected from the generous people." And he behaved humbly before the fox. He wept and complained and requested him not to be so cruel. He said - "Rise and get me a rope, tie its one end with a tree, and let the other end throw down to me, so that I can hold it and come out of this pit. After I have come out, I will give all the wealth I possess."

The fox said - "You are talking to me uselessly because this talking is not going to make you free from here. You can never come out from here. Just remember your past bad deeds done against me and how near are you being stoned to death." The wolf said - "Think, the one who saves a soul from ruining has saved the whole mankind, so do your best to free me." The fox said - "I compare your intention with the Falcon and the Partridge." The wolf asked - "How so?" And the fox began to tell ......

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