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The following riddles are of common sense and presence of mind. Presence of mind means the right answer at right time. This Page's riddles are given their answers along with the riddles... Let us start...

Ques - A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?
Ans -The third room. Lions that haven't eaten in three years are dead...That one was easy, right?

Ques - A woman shoots her husband. Then she holds him under water for over 5 minutes. Finally, she hangs him. But 5 minutes later they both go out together and enjoy a wonderful dinner together. How can this be?
Ans - The woman was a photographer. She shot a picture of her husband, developed it, and hung it up to dry (shot; held under water; and hung)

Ques - What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and grey when you throw it away?
Ans - Charcoal, as it is used in barbecuing.

Ques - Can you name three consecutive days without using the words Wednesday, Friday, or Sunday?
Ans - Sure you can name three consecutive days, yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Ques - This is an unusual paragraph --
"I'm curious as to just how quickly you can find out what is so unusual about it. It looks so ordinary and plain that you would think nothing was wrong with it.. In fact, nothing is wrong with it! It is highly unusual though. Study it and think about it, but you still may not find anything odd.. But if you work at it a bit, you might find out.. Try to do so without any coaching!"
Ans - The letter e, which is the most common letter used in the English language, does not appear even once in this paragraph.

Ques - How can you drop a raw egg on a concrete floor without cracking it?
Ans - You are right the floor is really hard to crack by just dropping an egg.

Ques - Why is it impossible to send a telegram to Washington today?
Ans - Because he is dead.

Ques - If you throw a red stone in the blue sea, what it will become?
Ans - It will become wet.

Ques - What often falls, but never gets hurt?
Ans - It is rain

Ques - What is that which people have never seen, because it never was, but it will always be?
Ans - It is tomorrow

Ques - What looks like a half apple?
Ans - Like the other half apple.

Ques - What gets wet while drying?
Ans - Towel.

Ques - What happened when the wheel was invented?
Ans - It caused a Revolution

Ques - Why is it easy to weigh a fish?
Ans - Because it has its own scales.

Ques - Why does a bike rest on its leg?
Ans -Because it is too tired.

Ques - In which state is Bay of Bengal?   or    [River Raavee flows in which state?]
Ans - Liquid. [UPSC 33 Rank]

Interviewer said "I shall either ask you ten easy questions or one really difficult question."
The boy thought for a while and said, "My choice is one really difficult question."
"Well, good luck to you, you have made your own choice! Now tell me this - "What comes first, Day or Night?"

The boy was jolted into reality as his admission depended on his correct answer, but he thought for a while and said, "It's the DAY Sir!"

"How" the interviewer asked,
"Sorry Sir, you promised me that you will not ask me a SECOND difficult question."
He was selected for IIM

This is the question from Year 2001 Harvard's Science Research. Use of calculator is prohibited.
Ques - If
1 = 5
2 = 25
3= 125
4 = 625
5 =?
Ans - 1
Have you forgotten? 1=5
Got it wrong? No wonder that is why we did not get into Harvard.

Ques - In which battle Napolean died?
Ans - In his last battle

Ques - Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Ans - At he bottom of the page

Ques - What can you never eat for breakfast?
Ans - Lunch and dinner

Ques - Why a Pirate could not play cards?
Ans - Because he was sitting on the deck.


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