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19-Money and Gold

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19-Money and Gold

About Money

1. Walls of Money
Over $500,000 has been added to the walls and ceilings of this Irish pub. Would hate to see a fire take out this pub. It started with the first waitress who stapled her first tip to the wall. It has grown since then.

2. Ceiling of Money
This ceiling can be found in the No Name Pub in Big Pine Key, FL. The whole pub is filled with money on the ceiling and walls. Started in 1931, and fueled by the popularity of Jimmy Buffet, people have continued to put money on the walls. It is estimated that the pub has $750,000 dollars in money on its wall.

3. Drug Money
Another internet favorite. $207 million is said to have been taken during a raid on a drug dealer's house in Mexico.

4. Origami Money
Artist Marc Sky of New Jersey has hundreds of Origami Sculptures made of money. You can order his works online or book him for parties.

5. Don't Flush the Money Down the Toilet
Yes, this money seat can be yours for only $60. There are many novelty money seats for sale.

6. First Cash Register
James Ritty an owner of a Saloon in Ohio, invented the first cash register in 1879 to stop his employees from stealing money. Later he sold his cash register company and the new owner added a roll of paper to it and started the first line of registers with receipts.

7. Stack of Silver Certificates
Not too much info here. A woman posed with stack of packages of $1 silver certificates at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C. [between ca. 1950 and ca. 1969]

8. Money Tree
This is a random picture of a money tree. They can be found throughout the world. If you are lucky enough to come across one, grab a seed.

About US Bills: 5 High Denomination Bills Not Being Printed

US Treasury produced a $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 and even a $100,000 dollar note, see below.

1. $500 Dollar Bill
1928 and 1934 series. With the portrait of William McKinley (US President 1897-1901). 280,000 bills are still in circulation, if you are lucky enough to get one. Although no longer being printed, bills above $100 bills are still legal tender.

2. $1,000 Dollar Bill
1934 series. With the portrait of the President Grover Cleveland (US President). The treasury ceased this bill because of its non-use.

3. $5,000 Dollar Bill
1918 series. With the portrait of the President James Madison. Only 353 bills are in circulation.

4. $10,000 Dollar Bill
1918 series. With the portrait of the President Salmon P Chase (6th Chief Justice of the USA) in Abraham Lincoln. Yes it is real. Only 346 bills are in circulation.

5. $100,000 Dollar Note
1934 series. The largest bill ever printed. With the portrait of the President Woodrow Wilson. Don't expect to see it. Backed by gold bullion, these bills were issued to transact large amount of money and are not legal even for collectors to hold.

About Pennies

1. What 50 Million Pennies Look Like
50 Million pennies were added to this "Memorial to the Missing". It is supposed to represent the number of abortions since legalization in 1973. This enclosure weighs 156 tons and is worth a half million dollars. Pylons were driven into the foundation to support the bullet proof glass structure above.

2. What $1 Million Pennies Look Like
2.3 Tons of pennies sit in this glass box. It is part of a Holocaust memorial.

3. Portraits Made of Pennies
The artist behind these portraits and other artwork like this is Adrian Firth. The two pieces are called, Lizzie - pennies on mdf board 2008 and Made of Money - pennies on mdf board 2007.

4. Pyramid Of Pennies
Another favorite that has been circulating the web. This pyramid contains 289,318 pennies to beat an old World Record. The owner has been adding to the pyramid and the website says it now has 403,135 pennies.

5. 100 Million Pennies
It's called the "Penny Harvest Field". $1 million dollars worth of pennies were gathered for charity. The exhibit is 30 ft by 165 ft.

6. Security Glass Advertisement
Most people have seen this picture floating around on the internet. Very simple and catchy advertisement. The money was real, but there was a security guard posted to make sure no one tried anything funny, like running over the sign with a SUV.

7. Dress Made With $100,000 Dollars
The dress was made to help promote a new gigantic lottery fund in the UK. The dress is made from Sterling Pound notes.

About Gold

1. World's Largest Gold Bar
The Mitsubishi Materials Corporation of Japan poured the World's largest Gold bar.
The bar is 17.9 inches by 8.9 inches and 6.7 inches high.
Although it takes up the same amount of space as a large shoe box, but you would not be able to lift it as it weighs 551.15 pounds.
At the time it was poured it was worth $3.7 million.

2. Largest Gold Nugget Ever Found
This is the world's largest Gold Nugget ever found. Discovered in 1872 and is called the Holtermann Nugget. It was 630 lbs in weight.

3. World's Largest Gold Coin
The gold coin contains $2 million worth of gold and weighs in at 220 pounds. It is 20 inches across and 1 inch thick. There are 3 coins like it and they went up on auction last year.

4. Vault of Gold
Fort Knox is where the mother lode of Gold is. This is a picture of one of many vaults filled with Gold.

5. Another Vault of Gold
This gold vault hold gold entrust for the owners of the street TRACKS Gold Shares EFT (AMEX:GLD), the world's most popular gold fund.

6. Largest Bank Vault Door In the World
The vault is located at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. The door has a height of 226 inches and weighs 42 metric tons. It also carries the distinction of having the largest hinge ever built. The vault is no longer in use, but the door remains for historical value.

7. A Wall of Gold
This Gold is part of the New York Federal Reserve Bank. The vault sits on the bedrock of New York 80 feet below the street surface and 50 feet below the sea level. You won't be digging to get to this one. At the time of the photo, the vault had $86 billion in gold, 269 Troy tons.



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