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My People

Ritu Gupta (formerly Ritu Kedia) - Mom
After achieving excellence in academics, she decided to enter the most dynamic profession of her time - the information technology. At the time of my birth, she was working as Systems Analyst in Nationwide Inc. - America's leading financial institution.

Sameer Gupta - Papa
Having his education and engineering degree from Nigeria, and later Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, and another Masters degree in Computer Science from the USA. Worked initially with Ford Motor Company, and at the time of my birth was working as Analyst Engineer with Honda Motor Company - the top automotive company of the USA.

Davendra Kumar Gupta - Baabaa Ji
Having his Masters in Geophysics, from the renowned institute of learning - Banaaras Hindu University. Worked with Oil and Natural Gas Commission in India; switched over to the field of Information Science and obtained another Masters degree in Information Science in 1973. Moved to Nigeria in 1976 and worked for the University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria; moved to Ethiopia in 1988 and worked there for Addis Ababa University; took retirement in 1994 and moved to the USA to live with my Papa. In 2000 he moved to Canada. 

Sushma Gupta - Dadi Ji
See the web page for her details -

Sapna Gupta - Bua Ji
See the web page for Bua Ji's details -

Narayan Prasad Kedia - Naanaa Jee

Santosh Kedia - Naanee Jee

Vikash kedia - Maamaa Jee

Shweta Kedia - Maamee Jee


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