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Swaamee Vallabhaachaarya
1479-1531 AD = 52 yrs

He was born in Telugu speaking region of India and came to Vaaraanasee to study. For some time he lived in Vrindaa Van also. He founded a new Sampradaaya (sect), Vallabh Sampradaaya, which preached to devotion to Krishn. He opposed the philosophy of Shankaraachaarya stating that God wanted human beings to enjoy the material world which is real and Divine; and the life of a Grihasth (householder) was no hindrance in achieving God. He himself was a married man.

Events of Vallabh's Life
One washerman was serving with faith Vallabh Swaamee (the first incarnation of Lord Dattaatreya in this Kali Yug). The washerman did not have any specific desires but suddenly one day he saw a Muslim King of that region (this story took place a few hundred years ago in the place called Kurugadda which is an island in the river Krishnaa, bordering Andhra Pradesh and Karnaatak) - and a desire arose in his mind - "How lucky that king must be to enjoy the wealth, royalty, many wives etc." Soon another thought arose in his mind - "why should I dream something impossible to attain, I should be happy with my own fate and be happy that I have the fortune of serving a great Guru like Vallabh Swaamee."

Guru Jee (as Swaamee was / is called) saw with His divine sight all that was going on in the mind of the washerman so he asked him whether he too would like to become a king like that Nawaab. He also asked him to choose whether he would like to become a king in that very same birth or next birth. The washerman fell at the feet of Sadguru Vallabh and requested to grant him that boon in the next birth so that his whole life would be spent in royal comforts, and also put one condition that in that birth too Swaamee should bless him and give him Darshan. Swaamee agreed.

In his next birth, the washerman was born as a Muslim Nawaab but had good Bhakti to Hindu customs too and in that birth he did get the Darshan of his Guru, who was in his second Avatar by then as Narasinh Saraswatee Swaamee - there is a famous shrine for him at Shree Kshetra Gangaapur, in Karnaatak.
--this is from Sri Guru Charitra.

When he saw Krishn in the form of Naath Jee, he wrote "Madhuram...."


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