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Naminandi Adikal

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Naminandi Adikal (Bhakt)

Shree Naminadi Adigal. He alone could have done this type of dedication for Lord. He was able to light many lamps for many days using tank water of the temple as fuel at Thiuvarur.

In the kingdom where the river Kaaveree flows through beautifully was the town Emap Perur. The town where the houses wear the mango leaves indicating good deeds, the fumes of Vaidik rites that forms the clouds, the red lotuses in the pond that look like the flame in the rite with surrounding ghee offering, was heard echoing the knowledge of the Ved. In the tradition of Vaidik chanters who live in the unique Shaivite discipline, came the ardent devotee of snake ornated Lord by name Naminandhi Adikal. He was like the fire that was grown with truth of the Ved, firmly believed in the sacredness of Holy Ash, stood blissfully in holding up the feet of the blue-throated Lord who sings music.

Adikal Lights Lamps From Water
Once he went to salute the Lord of Thiruvaarur with a great eagerness. He worshipped the Lord who had the feathers decorated in his matted hair who had taken abode at the ant-hill. He spent Very many days saluting the the Supreme who smashed the three cities into heaps of ash. Then he went to serve the Lord at Thearaneree abode.

With his heart full of love, mind full of Mahesh he prostrated many times in front of the Lord and stood up in the interest of lighting the lamps thus to serve him by kindling flame. By then the time was already evening, and he went to a nearby house to ask for some ghee for the lamps. The house he entered happened to be a house of a Jain. The people in the house mocked at him saying while the God Himself had the fire in his hand why unnecessarily he needed to put the light. No ghee was available for this purpose in their house, but if he wanted, he could take the water from the pond to light the lamps. They laughed in the ignorance of half shattered realization. Nayanaar felt bad, left for the temple and cried to the Lord.

There rose a voice ordering him to shed the sorrow and pour the pond water in the lamps and light them. Praising the Lord who has the Sun, Moon and fire as his three eyes, he brought the water from the pond and put it on the cotton plaited thread. With the world wondering, the white-ash smeared Lord's blessing, he lit the lamp that glowed till the dawn. He lit the complete sets of lamps the same way to illuminate the abode fantastically. While the absolute source of energy is with, what other source could be hurdle?

As he had the principle of worshiping the Lord Shiv at his house everyday, he left the same night to his town and did the worship. The next morning he returned to the temple at Thiruvarur, did all the required services inside and outside the temple with the joy of working for the greatest master. In the evening he again decorated the abode of Shiv with water lamps. This continued for many days. By then because of the great love and deed of Dhandiyadigal Jains lost their faith and left the area. Thus the Shaivite discipline prospered there. The king donated and organized many endowments for the service of the Lord. The festival town of Thiruvarur geared up for celebrating the auspicious Pangunee Uththiram. The Dancing Lord with his inseparable Shakti on the victorious Bull came to bless all the way to Thirumanalai as part of the festivities. Lots of people gathered there to chant of the traditionless Lord's fame - without any caste and creed barriers. What barrier, caste, creed, age, sex, race, language or any form of life, could be there while the Pashupati is there to salvage every creature.

After the fesivities Adikal returned home and was sleeping in the darkness of night on the outside corridor of the house. His wife came out and enquired why he did not do the Lord's worship by lighting fire that night and skipped the food. He replied - "hen he was in the festival crowd and everybody was present, the impurity followed him." Then he asked his wife to bring some water to take bath and then started the Poojaa. As she left, by the wish of God or by tiredness who knows, he again slept immediately. The Lord came as if He comes to the Poojaa, and enlightened him that those who were born in the Thiruvaarur belong to his squad.

The devotee woke up shivering and with realization. He felt bad for not doing the night worship of the Ultimate Source. He did the worship, told the wife what happened and rushed to Thiruvaarur in the wake of dawn. As he entered Thiruvaaroor he saw everybody there with the form of the Stain-throated God like bodied. Fearful he fell down on the ground saluted them and rejoiced with them. He saw the scene changed again with people back in their normal form. He begged for excuse from the Lord who showers the grace, who shines in everything. He lived doing a great splendid service to the God. He served the devotees of the Ash smeared Lord with many needful things with a rising fame and got praised in the Thevaaram of Thirunaavukkarachu Naayanaar. His service to the Lord and to his truthful slaves continued for long time as he was praised for that.


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