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Thaanesar (Sthaaneshwar)

Presently known as Kuru Kshetra was known as Thaanesar. it is located in Hariyaanaa on the banks of Ghaggar River. Thaanesar was a small village until the 1950s. After the partition in 1947, a large refuge camp was se up there which made it a hustling and bustling city. Gradually it grew so much so that it was made a district and renamed a Kurukshetra. Thaanesar name is derived from the origial name Sthaaneshwar, means "The Place of Eeshwar". There is a Sthaaneshwar Mahaadev Temple of Lord Shiv whic is believed to be the oldest temple in the vicinity. There is a Brahm Sarovar (Brahm Tank), the Sannihit Sarovar, Gurudwaaraa 6th Paatashaahee, and a Bhadra Kaalee Mandir (one of the 51 Shakti Peeth).

(1) It is the same place where Mahaahaarat war was fought, it is the same place where all Paandav and Krishn along with His Yaadav clan came to tae bath at the time of Solar Eclipse.

(2) Prabhaakar Vardhan, the father of Harsh Vardhan ad the first king of Vardhan Dynasty, was the ruler of his dynasty from the capital of Thaanesar.

(3) Thaanesar was sacked and its temples were destroyed by Mahamood of Gazanee. When Mahamood came to Panjaab, he sent a message to the ruler of Dehlee, Aanand Paal Tuaar, a Tomar King, that his army should not be molested while marching through the country. But Aanand Paal foresaw some trouble so he organized his army t protect the kingdom, but Mahamood came there before he could do anything. The city was plundered, the idols were broken, and the idol of Jugsom was set to Gazanee to be trodden under foot. A ruby was found in a temple weighing 450 Miskals which was a wonder for all of them then. Mahamood wanted to capture Dehlee too, but his advisors advised him not to do so he went back to Gazanee along with much wealth and 200,000 captives.

(4) It is said that even Mugal Emperor Akbar also visited this place at the time of a Solar Eclipse in 1567 with his courtier Abul Fazal. Abul Fazal's "Akbaranaamaa" refers to this Solar Eclipse.

(5) The French traveler Francois Barrier who came to India during the period of Mugal Emperor Shaahjahaan, has also mentioned about the sacred bath in Sindhu, Gangaa and the tank of Thaanesar during the Solar Eclipse time. The Ghaggar River is believed to be the Saraswatee River mentioned in Ved.


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