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Pyramids are not in India. They are in Egypt and are still a mystery about lots of things.

Length of Years
The architect of the Great Pyramid knew the exact length of the solar year, even to the tenth part of the second. This is shown in at least six places, and by means of four units of length.

There is a second period known as the stellar year, or sidereal year, about 20 minutes longer than the solar year.

Thirdly there is another length called the orbital or anomalistic year, which is in turn a few seconds longer still.
And these two latter year lengths are also enshrined in the Great Pyramid.

The "Precesssion of the Equinoxes", a period of 25,827.5 years, the time required for our solar system as a unit to make one revolution around its vastly greater Sun, the Pleiades, is shown exactly in the pyramid at four places.

Other scientific truths enshrined in the Pyramid:
(1)  The mean distance from the Earth to the Sun.
(2) The weight of the Earth.
(3) The mean density of the Earth.
(4) The fact of the sphericity of the earth.
(5) The polar diameter of the Earth, or the exact length of Earth's polar axis of rotation.
(6) The Earth's mean orbit and maximum variation.
(7) The variation of the Earth's ecliptic.
(8) The Earth's mean temperature (the average temperature of the air in the Kings chamber).
(9) The exact inch, foot, yard, furlong and mile, including the true length of the Standard Geographical Mile, a measure of 2917.467+ Pyramid Cubits.
(10) The exact grain, ounce, pound, stone (English weight of 14 pounds) and ton.
(11) The standard British (and American) measures of the pint, quart, gallon, bushel and "quarter".
(12) The art of squaring the circle in theory and in practice.
(13) The art of doubling the cube, likewise in practice as well as in theory.
(14) The art of that extremely difficult mathematical feat of offering a practical solution to the baffling problem, the quadrature of the circle.
(15) The direction of True North.
(16) The Pi Proportion, Pi being the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference, 3.14159+
(17) The total land-area of the Earth, the pyramid located in such a manner as to divide said land-area into four equal quarters, and in so doing to thus define both the Earth's "master-meridian" of longitude, and "master-parallel" of latitude. In other words, the meridian passing over the Great Pyramid from North to South traverses more miles of land, and less of sea, than any other that can be drawn around the Earth at any place, and that same distinction holds true of a parallel passing over the Pyramid's apex from East to West, or vice versa.

What about the Bible?
(1) The cubic capacity of the Coffer in the King's Chamber is exactly the same as that of the famous Ark of the Covenant.
(2) The Coffer's cubic capacity is also identical with that of the Jewish laver, and with that of the lavers, or baths, in the world-famous King Solomon's Temple, dedicated 1000 BC.
(3) The "Golden Sea" of King Solomon's Temple had a capacity exactly equal to the cubic contents of the Coffer times 50.
(4) Noah's Ark had a capacity identical with the cubic contents of the Coffer multiplied by 100,000.

The book of Job makes repeated mention of it. See 9:9, 19:24, 26:7 and 13, 28:7-9, 37:15-18, 38:4-36.

 [Compiled from the book "Miracle of the Ages" by Worth Smith]

Great Pyramid Facts

(1) Compared o the Great Pyramid, the Chicago Twin Towers are 4' 10" high without the space between floors.

(2) All the masonry to build a highway from San Francesco to New York 8' wide and 6" thick - fits inside the Great Pyramid.

(3) Only a few places on Earth could hold the weight of the Great Pyramid.

(4) The height of the Great Pyramid is equal to the average height of land on Earth.

(5) The Great Pyramid sits in the center of the longest land parallel and meridian, equally dividing all four quadrants of Earth's land masses long before Columbus.

(6) The Great Pyramid was covered with mirror smooth casing stones, 20 tons each, with a smoothness "equal or better to that of your reading glasses."

(7) There were 144,000 of them.

(8) It is the only structure that can be seen from space.

(9) The space between the stones is smaller than a human hair, or piece of tin foil, exact to the thousandth of an inch. Today's technology can move stones 10 to 20 tons each to within 1 or 2 inches of each other.

(10) The most accurate macro manipulator (precision movement of large objects) from NASA can move items only 1 and a half tons to within 50,000th of an inch, not 1 or 2 thousands as in the Pyramid.

(11) In aiming toward True North, the Pyramid is off by 3 minutes of arc. The best modern science can achieve is 6 minutes off.

(12) Since the Pyramid was built, there has been a movement of the North Pole. At the time of its erection the Great Pyramid was only .001 off True North.

(13) The greatest scientist of all time, Sir Isaac Newton, broke the code of the Great Pyramid by discovering what he called "the Sacred Jewish Inch."

(14) After studying the Great Pyramid, Newton dedicated the rest of his life to Bible study.

(15) The peripheri of the Great Pyramid is 36,524 inches. Moving the decimal reveals the exact length of the earth year.

(16) The Pyramid is the most heavily measured structure on Earth, to within a thousandth of an inch through lasers, etc.

(17) Measuring up the ascending passage to the year 33 AD one finds the start of the Grand Gallery, and the exact date of April 3, 33 AD. Here is found "the Christ Triangle," incorporating the angle of the passages we find September 29, 2 BC as the birth of Christ. The third leg of the triangle points to the date October 14, 29 AD  - the baptism.

(18) Placing the triangle over a map of the area points to Bethlehem.

(19) The Pyramid points out 1914 - the start of World War I.

(20) The Ark of the Covenant dimensions are an even multiple of the dimensions of the King's Chamber.

(21) The three granite plugs of the Pyramid are made from the same mount that the Ten Commandments were carved in, being a unique red granite, (though not absolutely provable, tests well against minerals.)

(22) Isaiah 19:19-20 points to two Egypts - upper and lower, the border of which goes right through the Pyramid. What a coincidence.

Where did all these facts come from? Russell? Smythe? Taylor? Edgar? Nope. This was all quoted directly from physicist John Sajac, appearing on the Art Bell radio broadcast only a couple years ago. It is all based in his own recent personal findings. On the show he was asked by a caller if he believed Jesus was the Son of God and Savior of the World. He said he did, but was strictly making a scientific investigation.

[This broadcast inspired the web site "The Great Pyramid as Proof of God" at

When asked if the Great Pyramid could possibly have been built by extra-terrestrials, without the Supreme Being involved, he said:  "Only if that extraterrestrial being had a desire to promote religion and at the same time had the ability to control events thousands of years in advance, then you'd be right. Then my only question is why is he promoting religion and why is he telling the whole world that these events will occur, at these particular times, and particularly the most significant one is the birth and crucifixion of Jesus Christ."

It was wonderful to see how God can use modern science to announce the Truth. Art Bell even defended his guest against a caller who was angry because there was no mention of Buddha, who was born before Christ.
"Well the mathematics doesn't point to Buddha Sir," Art said. "It points to Christ."

The Place of Pyramid in the Bible
There is a biblical reference to the Great Pyramid which is instructive:

Isa 19:19-20 "At that time there will be an altar for the LORD in the middle of Egypt and a monument to the LORD at the border of Egypt. 20 This will be a sign and a witness to the LORD All-Powerful in the land of Egypt. When the people cry to the LORD for help, he will send someone to save and defend them. He will rescue them from those who hurt them."

Notice that there is a reference to an "altar" and a "monument" ; that will be in Egypt. The location of this "altar" and "monument" ; is sketched in terms which seem to be contradictory; it will be at the "border" of Egypt at the same time it will be in the "middle" of Egypt. The apparent contradiction offers a chance to pinpoint the identity of this "monument" ; since few candidates would be able to be both the "border" of something, and also its "middle. "

Note the horizontal line below the bottom of the delta quadrant.

The Pyramid is at the center AND the border of Egypt.

This represents the border between the two countries making up ancient Egypt: Lower Egypt (the delta) and Upper Egypt (the South). The Great Pyramid is at the border of Upper and Lower Egypt. Yet this is also the center of the land of Egypt if the two ancient countries be viewed as one, a single Egypt.

Note also that the Pyramid is at the center of the natural quadrant formed by the regular curvature of the delta. It is also at the center of present Egypt in that Cairo is the capital of the country and at the center of its business and cultural life. It is also at the border of ancient Egypt in still another way.

The Great Pyramid is sometimes called the "Great Pyramid of Gizeh". "Gizeh" means "border", thus indicating in still another way that the Pyramid is associated with a "border" . The name "Gizeh" is probably drawn from the fact that anciently the borders of Egypt were considered to extend as far as the watered, green areas all along the Nile. The desert outside this fertile strip was not really part of the country. Thus the division line between fertile strip and desert is the natural "border" of Egypt. It is along this "border" that the Pyramid is situated. Thus by two separate sets of triple confirmation, the Great Pyramid answers the apparent riddle of being at both the border and center of Egypt. To find any other object or concept fulfilling this prophecy's specifications would be extremely unlikely. The Biblical standard of proof, given at Deuteronomy 19:15 and affirmed in the New Testament (at Matt. 18:16 and 2 Corin. 13:1) has been met:

"One witness shall not rise up against a man for any iniquity, or for any sin, in any sin that he sinneth: at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established. " (Deut. 19:15)

The Pyramid is certainly a "pillar" as the text calls for, and also an "altar" in the sense of being a witness to the Lord. This sense for "altar, " as a structure of witness and not for offering sacrifices, is used several times in Scripture, such as this reference in Joshua 22: 26 Therefore we said, Let us now prepare to build us an altar, not for burnt offering, nor for sacrifice: 27 But that it may be a witness between us, and you, and our generations after us, > > An interesting occurrence of Gematria also helps pinpoint the Great Pyramid as God's special revelation. Here is the Hebrew of the Pyramid text, Isaiah 19:19, 20:

The Hebrew of Isaiah 19:19,20
Gematria is the science of finding meaning in the numerical value of words. In the Hebrew language each individual letter has a numerical value. Thus every word has the numerical value of the sum of the value of its letters. If one adds up the numerical value of all the Hebrew characters in the Great Pyramid text the value is 5449. This is the height in inches of the Great Pyramid.


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