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Parashuraam Kshetra

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Parashuraam Kshetra
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The region in between the Arabian sea and the Western Ghaats stretching from Naasik in Mahaaraashtra to Kanyaa Kumaaree in the southern end of the Indian peninsula is known as Parashuraam Kshetra -- the holy land of Parashuraam (like Kuru Kshetra - the holy land of Kuru). According to Wikipedia gives the names of coastal region of Karnaatak, Goaa, and Mahaaraashtra states as the name of the Parashuraam Kshetra.

Nine Kshetra are popularly known as Parashuraam Kshetra and a.k.a. 'Parashuraam Srishti'. Among them seven are Mukti Sthal.

1. Parashuraam Ghaat - Chiplun - Konkan Mahaaraashtra
2. Udupee
3. Subramanya
4. Kollur
5. Shankaranaaraayana
6. Koteshwar
7. Kumbasee (Annegudde)
8. Gokarn
9. Parashuraam Kund (Arunaachal Pradesh)

Near Nanjangud is the Sangam, where the Kapilaa and Kaundinya rivers meet. This place is known as Parashuraam Kshetra which is where the sage Parashuraam is said to have cleansed himself from the sin of beheading his mother. A small rivulet called Swarnvatee also joins these rivers here. Here is a temple also dedicated to Parashuraam Jee.

A Legend About This Kshetra
There is a legend that in one of the Kshetra a King called Raam Bhoj worshipped Parashuraam Jee. Raam Bhoj was the ruler of the lands between Gokarn and Kanyaa Kumaaree and was proclaimed King of the entire Parashuraam Kshetra. Once he decided to perform an Ashwamedh Yagya and plowed the land but mistakenly killed a serpent. However the serpent was a demon. To repent this sin Parashuraam Jee directed the King Raam Bhoj to build a big silver pedestal with the image of a serpent at each of its four corners and to worship him who would be seated in the form of a spirit on the pedestal and also to distribute gold equal to his own weight (Tulaa Bhaar or Tulaa Daan) to deserving persons. Raam Bhoj did likewise and performed the Ashwamedh Yagya successfully. At its conclusion it is said that Parashuraam Jee himself appeared before him and declared that he was very pleased with the Yagya and that henceforth the sacrificial land "Roopya Peeth" (silver pedestal) (present day Udupee) would become a famous center of pilgrimage. This land is also known as "Taulav" land as Raam Bhoj performed here "Tulaa Bhaar" Daan.


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