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Miscellaneous Information

Three Lok
Swar Lok - Swarg Lok or Dev Lok (Heaven) where gods live.
Prithvi Lok - Bhoo Lok or Mrityu Lok or this Earth)
Bhuvah Lok - Paataal Lok, below the Earth where Naag, snakes and other lower species live.

Four Devee Peeth
According to Chaatushpeeth Tantra there are four Devee Peeth - these Peeth are situated in four corners of India -
(1) Kaam Roop - In East there is Kaameshwaree Devee of Kaam Roop. Kaam Roop is in modern day Aasaam and is a very famous Teerth there.
(2) Poorn Giri - Poorneshwaree Devee of Poorn Shail (South) is worshipped in Usmaanaabaad in the foothills of Tulajaapur mountain as "Bhavaanee of Tulajaapur". It is situated towards the North-East of Sholaapur.
(3) Odiyaan - Odiyaan's Devee Kaatyaayanee is situated in Western India.
(4) Jaalandhar - Jaalandhar Peeth's Devee Jwaalaamukhee is situated in Himaachal. There is a large brass vessel on Jwaalaa Devee Temple, it is believed that it was offered by Emperor Akbar.

Four Holy Abodes (Dhaam)
(1) Badareenaath in North,  (2) Jagannaath Puree in East,  (3) Raameshwaram in South, and  (4) Dwaarakaa Puree in West. But their Yaatraa (visit) is incomplete if Pushkar Jee (in Raajasthaan, near Ajamer) is not visited in the last.

Four Holy Sarovar (Kund)
(1) Bindu Sar in Bhuvaneshwar (Udeesaa) - Shiv created this Kund from his Trishool and quenched the thirst of Durgaa maataa, 
(2) Pampaa Sar (from Bilaaree to Hampee towards North. Here a river flows which has originated from Rishyamook Parvat and is an auxiliary river of Tungbhadraa), 
(3) Maan Sarovar (now in Nepaal), 
(4) Naaraayan Sar - near Saghapat in modern Kachchh.

The Four Holiest Teerth
If asked from any Indian, wherever he is living, which are your four holiest Teerth, he would say - Hingalaaj (now in Afgaanistaan), Kumaaree Teerth, Amarnaath (Kashmeer) and Kaamaakshaa Teerth (Aasaam)

Four Math
Four Math established by Aadi Shankaraachaarya -
(1) Jyotir Math in Badree Naath in North, 
(2) Govardhan Math in Puree (Udeesaa) in West, 
(3) Shringeree Math in Sringeree (Karnbaatak) in South, and 
(4) Shaaradaa Math in Dwaarakaa (Gujaraat) in East.

Four Places of Kumbh
Every 12 years Kumbh falls in these places with the difference of three years.
(1) On the banks of Gangaa in Haridwaar, (UP)  (2) On Sangam in Allaahaabaad, (UP)  (3) On the banks of Kshipraa in Ujjain, (Madhya Pradesh) and (4) on the banks of Godaavaree in Naasik, (Mahaaraashtra).

Four Principal Kshetra (Areas)
Four principal Kshetra have been mentioned in Puraan -
(1) Mukti Kshetra - There is a Vishnu Mandir on the banks of Kaalee Gand River. It is built on the border of Nepaal at the source of Gandakee River - This is Mukti Kshetra.
(2) Kuru Kshetra,
(3) Harihar Kshetra - Sonpur - This is Harihar Kshetra. This comes in Kuru Kshetra also. Here a large fair is organized at the Sangam of Gangaa and Gandak River.
(4) Varaah Kshetra - It is believed that Vishnu took Varaah Avataar here at Jhelam, in Kashmeer. There is a Varaah Temple there even today.

Four Tapt Kund
(1) Shwet Gangaa situated in East, (2) Gomatee Kund in West, (3) Dhanush Koti in South, and (4) Tapt Kund in North.

Seven Holy Rivers
(1) Gangaa (2) Yamunaa (3) Saraswatee (invisible) (4) Kaaveree (5) Sindhu (now in Paakistaan), (6) Godaavaree, (7) Narmadaa

Seven Mountains
Many Pauraanik stories are connected to these mountains. (1) Himaalaya Parvat, (2) Mahendra Parvat (Udeesaa), (3) Malaya Parvat (Karnaatak), (4) Raivatak Parvat (Gujaraat (5) Vindhyaachal Parvat (MP), (6) Sahyaadri Parvat (Mahaaraashtra), (7) Araavalee Parvat (Raajasthaan)

12 Jyotir Ling   see   Jyotir Ling
(1) Kedaar Naath (Garhvaal), (2) Omkaareshwar (MP), (3) Amaleshwar (MP), (4) Vishwanaath (Kaashee, UP), (5) Mahaakaal (Ujjayinee, MP), (6) Somnaath and Naagheshwar (Gujaraat), (7) Vaidyanaath (Devghar, Bihaar), (8) Mallikaarjun (Shree Shailam, AP), (9) Tryambakeshwar (Mahaaraashtra) (10) Bheemshankar (Mahaaraashtra) (11) Ghrishneshwar (Mahaaraashtra), (12) Raameshwaram (Tamilnaadu)


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