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Girinaar Kshetra

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Girinaar Kshetra

Jaya Girinaar…   Jaya Girinaar…… Jaya Girinaar….  are the powerful words which are heard by anyone who tries to climb the Girinaar Shikhar even in the present days. Girinaar is a powerful Datta Shakti Kshetra. Some Saadhak call it it another "Maan Sarovar” and every devotee should climb the Shikhar at least once in his life time. Girinaar Hill is a famous Siddh Kshetra of Lord Dattaatreya. Lord Dattaatreya performed penance at the top of this hill and one have to climb 10,000 (ten thousand) steps to have Datta's Paadukaa Darshan. Girinaar place is completely surrounded by forest area. Lions, tigers and other animals move there on the roads even in the day time.

Where is this Girinaar?
Girinaar is in the state of Gujaraah and is nearer to Joonaagad (district head quarter). Joonaagad is nearer to Raajkot. One of the Dwaadash Jyotirling Som Naath Kshetra is very nearer to this Joonaagad.

Importance of Girinaar Kshetra:
Lord Dattaatreya performed penance at this Girinaar hills and many Saadhk and devotees get his powerful blessings in this Kshetra. One can see the footprints of Lord Dattaatreya at the top of the hill and Saadhu performing the Poojaa at this place. At a down of 150 steps from the top of the Datta Parvat, there we can see Kamandal Kund. "Datta Dhun" and Nitya Anna Daan still runs at this place.

The Details of Girinaar Kshetra:
One has to climb a total of 10,000 steps to reach the Datta Parvat. People start in the morning at about 5.00 am and a minimum of 5 to 7 hours will take to reach the top of the hill depending upon the activeness of the person. DOLLY facilities are arranged by the Gujaraat government and they are charging from 2500 rupees to 5000 rupees depending upon the person’s weight.

Jain Parvat:
After a climb of about 2 miles, one could see a Digambar Jain temple and a cave called Rajulmatee cave.. Besides, there are footprints of Kundkund Aachaarya also. In the temple, the idol of Bhagvaan Neminaath (Vikram 1924) is on the main Vedee. One could see a marvelous temple of Bhagvaan Nemi Naath and 9 beautiful Shwetaambar temples built by Shri Vastupaal -Tejpaal; Samraat Kumaarpaal; Minister Sajjan and others.

Ambaa Parvat:
After reaching 3000 steps, one sees the Ambaa Parvat and has the Darshan of Ambaa Jee. Many devotees get tired after reaching here drop the idea to go to Datta Parvat at this point due to their inability to climb and due to the steep height of the steps.

Gorakhnaath Parvat
After reaching 7000 steps, one has the Darshan of Gorakhnaath who is one of the Nava Naath who comes under Naath tradition of Datta Maarg. He performed penance here and one can see the foot prints of Gorakhnaath Jee here.

Datta Parvat:
After reaching 10000 steps, one has the Darshan of Lord Dattaatreya's Paadukaa. One marble idol of Lord Dattaatreya was placed at the back of the Datta Paadukaa. It is somewhat difficult to have this Paadukaa Darshan by climbing all these steps. But whoever chant Datta Mantra “Digambar Digambar Shree Pada Vallabh Digambar” or "Hari Om Tat Sat Jaya Guru Datta" or at least "Datta.. Datta… Datta.." during the entire period of climbing, then it is easy to reach the top of the hill. There are many experiences to many devotees at this Girinaar Hill that Lord Dattaatreya is giving his Darshan to the devotees who are having full faith in him. It is true that Datta is giving his Darshan in any one form.

Dattaatreya Hare Krishn || Unmatt Aanand Daayakaa||
Digambar Mune Baal || Pishaach Gyaan Saagar||

How to Reach Girinaar:
From Chennai/Vijayawaadaa:
From Chennai/Vijayawaadaa to Ahmadaabaad, there is a train Navjeevan Express and one can get down at Ahmadaabaad to go to Raajkot. There are link trains from Ahmadaabaad to Raajkot/Joonaagad. Private travel buses are also available in addition to Gujaraat State Transport Corporation (GSTC) buses.

Regular service autos/city buses are available from Joonaagadh to Girinaar, with a journey of only 20 to 30 minutes.

From Hyderabad:
From Hyderabad, there is a direct tri-weekly super fast express namely “Raajkot Express" to Raajkot. The train starts from Hyderabad at afternoon 2.00 pm (approx) and will reaches Raajkot in the next day night at around 9.00 pm. From there one can take the bus to reach Girinaar as mentioned above.

In addition to above information one can take the journey through flights from Chennai/Hyderabad/ Bangalore/ Mumbai etc., to reach Raajkot/Ahmadaabaad.

Accommodation Facilities at Girinaar:
Choultries and Dharmashaalaa are available with reasonable prices at the foot step of Girinaar Hills. No proper food is available at Girinaar Hills. One has to make their own arrangements for food. However normal breakfast/ tiffin and fruits are available at higher cost. Famous hotels/ restaurants/ lodges are available at Joonaa Garh.


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