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Distance of Other Teerth from Prayaag

Ayodhyaa             ----    167 Kms
Chitrakoot           ----    137 Kms
or Pratishthaanpur --
Shringverpur       ----
Vaaraanasee         ----   125 Kms

Benee Maadhav Temple
It is an old Lakshmee Naaraayan temple in Daaraaganj locality. Chaitanya Mahaaprabhu is believed to have paid his homage here.

Bharadwaaj Aashram
Is associated with Rishi Bharadwaaj. It is believed that Lord Ram visited this Ashram during his exile.

Hanuman Mandir
This unique temple at the Sangam, is the only one of its kind in North India, where the idol of Lord Hanumaan is seen in a reclining posture. This temple is unique in North India, for its supine image of Hanumaan. When the Gangaa River is in spate, this temple gets submerged.

Mankaameshwar Temple
Situated near Saraswatee Ghaat, on the banks of Yamunaa, this is one of the famous Shiv temples of Allaahaabaad.

Naag Vaasuki Temple
This temple located on the banks of the Gangaa River, to the north of the railway bridge, is mentioned in Puraan. (2Padm Puraan, p 366)

Paataalpuree Temple
There is a Paataalpuree temple inside the Allaahaabaad Fort and is believed that Raam visited it.
"Akshaya Vat" (the immortal Banyan tree) is inside this temple.

Shankar Vimaan Mandap
130 ft. high, with four floors, it has the idols of Kumaaril Bhatt, Jagadguru Shankaraachaarya, Kaamaakshayee Devee (with 51 Shaktipeeth around), Tripati Baalaajee (with 108 Vishnu around), and Yog Shaastra Sahastra-yog Ling (with 108 Shiv around).


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