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Satyaarth Prakaash

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Satyaarth Prakaash

Satyaarth Prakaash (Light of Truth), written in 1875, is the main book for Aarya Samaaj members. It is written by Swami Dayanand Saraswatee in Gujaraatee, but it has been translated in several languages, including English and Hindi. It has been published in the following provincial languages - Bangalaa, , Gujaraatee, Hindi poetry, Kannad, Maraathee, Nepaalee, Panjaabee, Sanskrit, Sindhee, Tamil, Telugu, Udiyaa, Urdoo, and in the following foreign languages - Arabee, Barmee, Chinese, English, French, German, Persian, and Russian. It is available on copper plates also.

It is divided in two parts - Poorvaardh and Uttaraardh, Its Poorvaardh contains 10 Samullaas (chapters) and Uttaraardh contains 4 Samullaas, thus the whole book contains 14 Samullaas.

Samullaas 1 - Its first Samullaas is devoted to various names of the same God to whom everybody worships

Samullaas 2 - Children's education

Samullaas 3 - Brahmcharya, education system, and method of teaching

Samullaas 4 - Conduct of marriage and Grihasth Aashram

Samullaas 5 - Vaanprasth and Sanyaas

Samullaas 6 - Conduct of a king

Samullaas 7 - Ved

Samullaas 8 - Creation of Universe, existence (preservation) and Pralaya

Samullaas 9 - Vidyaa, A-Vidyaa, bondage (to this world) and Moksh

Samullaas 10 - Good conduct, prohibited conduct and things to eat and not to eat

Samullaas 11 - About several faiths in Aaryaavart

Samullaas 12 - Chaarvaak, Bauddh and Jainism

Samullaas 13 - Christianity

Samullaas 14 - Muslims

And in the end Aarya's Sanaatan views



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