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Raheem (Poet)

Abdul Raheem Khaankhaanaa. A great poet of Akbar, the Mogul Emperor, times. He was the son of Baharaam Khaan who was the trusted caretaker. he was the 3rd to have the title of Khaan-e-Khaanaa. he was one of the 9 Deevaan (ministers) of Akbar. the village of Khaankhaanaa in Panjaab, is named after him.

When Humaayoon returned to India from his exile, Raheem's one sister was married to Humaayoon. When Baharaam Khaan had died, his wife and Raheem were brought to Ahamadaabaad, and then to Delhi and were presented to Akbar. he gave him the title of "Mirzaa Khaan" and married to the sister of a  Mugal noble. Later His mother became the second wife Akbar, and thus Raheem became the step son of Akbar. And later he became one of the 9 gems of his royal court.

Although Muslim by birth, Rahee was devoted to Krishn and wrote poetry dedicated to Him. He is known for his strange way of giving alms. He never looked at the person to whom he was giving alms to, keeping his gaze downward in all his humility. As Tulasee Daas Jee heard this he immediately wrote a couplet -

Aisee Dainee Dain Jyoon, Kit Seekhe Ho Sain
Jyon Jyon Kar Oonchyo karo, tyon tyon Neeche Nain

As Raheem came to know about this couplet, he also wrote him in all humiloty -

Denhaar Koee Aur hai, Bhejat Jo din rain
Log Bharam Ham Par karein, Taaso Neeche Nain.

His two sons were killed by Jahaangeer, Akbar's son and their bodies were left on Khoonee Darvaazaa" to rot on, because Raheem was not in favor of ascension of Jahaangeer on the throne.

Raheem's Works
Apart from writing many couplets (Dohaa), he has translated Baabar's memoirs (Baabarnaamaa) from Chagataaee language to Persian language. His command on Sanskrit was very good. He wrote two books on astrology - Kheta Kautukam and Dwawishd Yogaavalee.


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