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60-Famous Foreign Authors

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50-Famous Foreign Authors

There is a lot of very famous foreign literature whose authors are also very famous. It is necessary to know about them too. Here are the accounts of some such authors from other countries who are very famous. You will find either the name of these authors or their works very familiar.

Dumas, Alexandre
(1) The Three Musketeers
(2) La Dame aux Caamelias
(3) the Count of Monte Cristo

France, Anatole (1844-1924) - Novelist, Essayist, Noble Laureate

Hugo, Victor
The Hunchback of Notre-dame
Les Miserables
Bug Jargal

Sartre, Jean-Paul
(1) The Nausea
(2) The Wall (Modern Voices)
(3) The Words

Nietzsche, Friedrich
(1) The Anti-Christ
(2) Thus Spoke Zarathustra : a book of none and all
(3) The Portable Nietzsche
(4) Beyond Good and Evil

Homer, 8th century BC (Greek poet)
Homer is said to live in 8th century BC in Greece and is revered as an ancient Greek epic poet. His mother is supposed to be a nymph Kretheis. He has written Iliad and Odyssey. These epics have a great impact at the beginning of the western literature. Homer is regarded as the teacher of Greece. He is depicted as a "blind, begging singer who hangs around with little people: shoemakers, fisherman, potters, sailors, elderly men in the gathering places of harbor towns". His poems, on the other hand, give us evidence of singers at the courts of the nobility.

He was unique among the poets of his times. The peculiar rapidity of Homer is due in great measure to his use of hexameter verse. It is characteristic of early literature that the evolution of the thought, or the grammatical form of the sentence, is guided by the structure of the verse. Rapidity or ease of movement, plainness of expression, and plainness of thought are not distinguishing qualities of the great epic poets Virgil, Dante, and Milton. On the contrary, they belong rather to the humbler epico-lyrical school for which Homer has been so often claimed.

Achebe, Chinua
(1) Things Fall Apart

Chekhov, Anton
(1) Stories of Anton Chekhov

Gorky, Maxim (1868-1936) - Novelist and Drama Writer
A prolific writer of stories and novels.
(1) "A Girl and Death" - On October 11, 1931 Gorky read his fairy tale "A Girl and Death" to his visitors Joseph Stalin, Kliment Voroshilov and Vyacheslav Molotov. On that same day Stalin left his autograph on the last page of his work : "This piece is stronger than Goethe's Faust (love defeats death)". Stalin and Molotov were among those who carried his coffin. He wrote from 1901 to 1933.
(2) The Mother (1907)

Nabokov, Vladimir
(1) Lolita

Tolstoy, Leo
(1) War and Peace (1869)
(2) La Guerre et la Paix tome (in 2 parts)
(3) The Death of Ivan Ilych

Francis Bacon (1561-1626) - Essayist, Philosopher, and Statesman

Khalil Gibran (1883-1931) - Mystic, Poet and Artist
The Prophet

Brown, Dan
The Da Vinci Code


Kierkegaard, Soren
Fear and Trembling

Lewis, CS
The Screwtape Letters



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