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21-Hindi Literature-1

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21-Hindi Literature-1

There are many famous books which are referenced here and there in this website. A list of such books with their brief description is given here to understand them better.

Bihaaree Satasaee - by Bihaaree Jee
Bihaaree Satasaee is written by Bihaaree Laal Chaube a collection of 700 Dohaa (couplets) which are written about Vishnu's 8th Avataar Krishn in Brij Bhaashaa. Because there are 700 couplets in it, that is why it is called Satasaee. It is most well known Reeti Kaavya of Reeti Kaal of Hindee Literature. Since all its couplets are independent of one another, its many different rescensions exist, but the standard version is that which some poets under the direction of the Prince Aazam Shaah, the third son of Aurangzeb, put together, and that is why it is sometimes called Aazam Shaahee and it comprises 726 couplets.

Chandragupt Maurya.  by MI Raajaswi
84 p.  Rupees 40.
see its Hindi synopsis

Geet Govind (Ashtpadee) - by Jayadev
Ashtapadee (Geet Govind) rhymes are regular compositions of music in India. Each song of Ashtapadee is set in a special Raag and Taal. It is a rhyme of eternal love and supreme devotion. It is composed in the 12th century by Indian poet Jayadev in Sanskrit language. Geet Govind is a lyrical poetry in 12 chapters, sub-divided into 24 divisions called Prabandh. The songs in Geet Govind symbolize the eternal love of Krishn and his beloved Raadhaa.

Mriganayanee.  Novel. by Vrindaavan Lal Varma
320 p.  Rupees 330
see its Hindi synopsis

Padmaavat - by Malik Muhammad Jaayasee
Padmaavat is written by Malik Muhammad Jaayasee in Avadhee language in 1540 AD and is about the queen of Chittaud Garh - Raanee Padminee, the wife of Ratansen. Jaayasee was a Soofee poet and this work reflects it in the way that he imagines Chitaud Garh as the Body; Raajaa as the Mind; Ceylon as the Heart; Raanee as the Wisdom; and Alaauddeen as the Lust.

Raam Charit Maanas - by Tulasee Das
Raam Charit Maanas describes the life sketch of Vishnu's 7th Avataar Shree Raam. It is written in Avadhee language by Tulasee Daas Jee at different times after 1600 AD. The most authentic version of Maanas people read is from Gita Press, Gorakhpur. According to Gita Press, their whole Maanas is not written by Tulasee Daas Jee, only Baal Kaand, Ayodhyaa Kaand and Sundar Kaand are said to be written by him, and rest is taken from Bhagwatdaas Jee's work. This is because Tulasee's whole work is not available. This is the manifestation of Tulasee's Bhakti (devotion) towards Raam. It is so popular that most North Indian household keep a copy of this book and read it daily or often or occasionally, since Vaalmeeki's Raamaayan is in Sanskrit language and cannot be read by everybody.

Saaket - Long Poem, by Maithilee Sharan Gupt

Tedhe Medhe Raaste - Novel, by Vrindaavan Lal Varmaa

Urvashee - by Raamdhaaree Singh "Dinkar"

Yashodharaa - Long Poem, Maithilee Sharan Gupt


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