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9-Peacock Throne


9-Peacock Throne or Takht-e-Taaoos

The Peacock Throne was called "Takht-e-Taaoos in Persian.

In the center of the Deevaan-e-Khaas, there is a marble pedestal on which stood the Peacock Throne, 6" x 4' (2m x 1.3m) which Shaah Jahaan commissioned on his accession in 1627. It took 7 years to make. The Throne, which was originally in Aagaraa, was designed with two peacocks standing behind with a parrot carved out of a single emerald, between them. It was inlaid with a vast number of precious stones - rubies, sapphires, emeralds, pearls and diamonds. Even its four solid gold feet, 20-25" high from the bar, were also inlaid with rubies, emeralds and diamonds. Over its top was a gem encrusted gold canopy edged with pearls, supported by 12 pillars. Even the bars were also decorated with the crosses of rubies and diamonds and also with diamonds and pearls. In all there were 108 large rubies, 116 emeralds,

In the same throne was studded the Kohinoor- Heeraa.

This Throne was carried off by Naadir Shaah, a Turk who after conquering Persia, attacked Dehlee in 1738 and sacked Dehlee in 1739. Soon after his occupation, a riot broke out in which his 900 people were killed. Naadir Shaah himself rode through the roads of Dehlee to assess the situation. In fury, he ordered the entire population to be massacred, resulting 30,000 dead.

In the evening, the Great Mugal, Muhammad Shaah begged for mercy, and such was Naadir Shaah's control over his army that he was able to halt the carnage. They took whatever they could take. The Emperor had to hand over the key of his treasury, which was then emptied of jewels and the Peacock Throne.

Bahaadur Shaah later replaced the throne with a poor copy. Later the Throne was also broken upby Naadir shaah's assassins in 1747,some of the jewels are believed to have been incorporated into the late Shaah of Eeraan's throne.



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