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16-Ancient Indian Science


16-Ancient Indian Science

What is ancient Indian science? It is the study of the ancient books of India dealing with science makes interesting reading. Let us try to see at least a few of them.

1. Vimaan Shaastra - This book has been written by Rishi Bharadwaaj. Joshier has translated this book in English Language. Based on this Taarpade couple of Bombay in 1895 prepared an aeroplane by name "Marutsukha". This plane was using sunlight and mercury vapor for its fuel. It flew for a distance of 2000 feet. The Right Brothers had not yet invented the aeroplane then. Since the British were ruling India, this invention did not get publicized.

2. Anshubodhinee - This book is also authored by Sage Bharadwaaj mentioned the use of solar energy for various purposes. It was also mentioned that wireless messages could be sent through this.

3. Golaadhyaaya - This book has been written by Bhaaskaraachaarya. It deals with geometry and mentions the methods to decide on the movement of the various planets, their speed etc.

4. Yantra Sarvaswa - This book was also authored by Bharadwaaj. Electricity production and management is the subject here.

5. Naaraayan Sookt - This deals with human body science. The specialty of this book is the specific details of the heart mentioned in this book, which is valid even now.

6. Maalinee Shaastra - This book is authored by Rishyashring Muni and deals with living and non-living things and the basic difference between them etc.

7. Vish Vaad - This deals with chemistry. Various experiments to produce several materials are described here.

8. Soop Shaastra - Maharshi Sukesh's book dealing with cookery.

9. Gaarudam - Deals with anti-poison drugs.

10. Aathreya - Deals with surgery, authored by Rishi Aathreya.

11. Akshar Lakshan Ganit Shaastra - Deals with mathematics and contains 84 theorems and theories.

12. Saudaaminee Kul - Authored by Rishi Matang and deals with geography and astronomy.

13. Anukaran Shabd Shaastra - Deals with sound. An authoritative book.

14. Chitra Karm - Deals with photography.

15. Brahmaand Shaastra - Deals with different worlds and the instruments useful to see them.

16. Aakaash Tantra - Deals with space research.

17. Lauh Tantra - Deals with different metals.

18. Shakti Tantra - Different sources of energy are the subject matter of this book.

19. Kaal Shaastra - Measurement of time is the subject here.

20. Aarybhatteeya - Written by Aaryabhatt. Deals with astronomy and mathematics. It is here that for the first time it was told that the earth is round and goes round the sun. It took several centuries for the westerners to find this out. It has also been mentioned here as to how eclipses take place.

Other than these, there are several other works like -
Aap Tattwa Prakaranam
And Kaustubham
Bhaav Prakaashikaa
Brihat Sanhitaa
Garbhopanishad etc.
Meghotpatti Prakaranam
Paraashar Smriti - By Maharshi Paraashar
Shilp Shaastra
Shiv Swarodayam
Vigyaan Bhairavam

What is needed, is the will to conduct research on these books and find out what and how much more is available to us in our old scriptures. Modern scientists of Indian origin should take the required initiative in the direction.



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