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18-Parashuraam Avataar
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6th Avataar among 10 main Avataar and 18th Avataar in 24 Avataar

Parashuraam Avataar (Parashuraam Incarnation) is the 6th Avataar of Bhagavaan Vishnu. It is identified as the incarnation with Parashu (Pharasaa or axe).

Parashuraam is the son of Maharshi Jamadagni. The story of his birth is very interesting. There was a king named Gaadhi. He had a daughter named Satyavatee whom he married to Richeek Muni. Once Satyavatee and her mother asked Richeek Muni to give them a son. So the Muni prepared two Charu (Kheer), one for Satyavatee and another for her mother and went to the river to take bath. The mother thought that Muni must have prepared better Charu for his wife so she asked her daughter to give her own Charu to her. Satyavatee gave her own Charu to her mother and took her mother's Charu herself. When Muni came back he got very angry. He said - I prepared your Charu to get a spiritual son for you and a Kshatriya son for your mother. Now you will have a Kshatriya son and your mother will have a spiritual son. Hearing this Satyavatee fell on Muni's feet and asked for his forgiveness. At this Muni said - "OK, your grandson will be like this, not your own son." Hearing this Satyavatee went away. So Satyavatee had Maharshi Jamadagni and Satyavatee's mother had well known Brahmarshi Vishwaamitra. Maharshi Jamadagni's son was Parashuraam. Jamadagni had four sons.

Once Parashuraam went to see Shiv at his residence. He was sleeping at that time and Ganesh was guarding. As he wanted to enter the place, Ganesh warned him not to enter, as Shiv was sleeping,  but Parashuraam wanted to go inside. He warned Ganesh but Ganesh did not listen to him and both got engaged in fighting. After a while Parashuraam threw his Pharasaa (axe) on him. Ganesh immediately recognized his father's weapon and took it on his one tusk. His left tusk was broken and the axe went back to Parashuraam. As the tusk fell on the ground with a thud, Shiv and Paarvatee came out. Seeing broken tusk and blood on her son's face, Paarvatee wanted to curse Parashuraam, that Parashuraam sat in the feet of Shiv and prayed Krishn. the then a Braahman boy appeared there and consoled Paarvatee.

--Parashuraam killed Haihaya Vansh, Sahastraarjun and his children, because his children killed took away their Kaamdhenu cow and killed his father.
--Once Parashuraam killed his mother and brothers on the order of his father, although later pleased with his son he brought them alive.
--Parashuraam had two great disciples - Bheeshm, Drone, and Karn.
--It was Parashuraam who first gave the Shree Vidyaa Shree Chakra worship to the world in his treatise known as the Parashuraam Kalp Sooktam.
--He fought the advancing ocean and saved the lands of Konkan and Maalaabar - the Mahaaraashtra - Karnaataka - Kerala West coastline. He created a temple of worship in Kerala and taught the famous martial arts "Kalari Payattu". He also created the Goa-Konkan land just by shooting an arrow.
--He argued with Raam and then went to Mahendra Parvat.
--He got his axe from Shiv after a severe penance to kill Kshatriya and restore Dharm. He emptied Prithvi from Kshatriya 21 times. After that he donated it to Kashyap Jee.

* There are three Raam - Parashuraam, Shree Raam, and Balaraam. 
--Parashuraam is he who always carries a Parashu (Pharasaa or axe), that is why he is called Parashuraam.
--Shree Raam is He who came with His wife Lakshmee or Shree, that is why he is called Shree Raam. It is identified as the incarnation with bow and arrow.
--Balaraam was very mighty that is why he is called Balaraam. He is identified with Hal (Plow) in his hand. That is why he is called Haladhar also.


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