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A Saint and a Mice

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A Saint and a Mice
A Story from MBH
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Long time ago, there lived a great sage in his hermitage. One day, he saw a small mice in his hut. Taking pity on her he gave her some food. She took the food and ran away. But now she started coming daily to have her food there and the saint also gave her food daily. Mice noticed that this saint was a very great saint.

Since that mice used to play there, a cat happened to come there. Now the cat was after her. The mice came running and hid in the saint's lap. Saint asked her what was the matter. The mice told him, that if she had been a cat, this cat would not have troubled her. The saint understood and he turned her into a cat. Now the cat was very happy, because she became bolder than a mice.

Some time passed. One day again she came running and hid in the paps of that saint. he asked him again what happened to her. She told him that this time a dog was chasing her. if she were a dog, she would have not run away from the dog. Taking pity again the saint turned her into a dog. Now that dog started running around the saint's Aashram. He used to watch his Aashram and loved him very much. Saint was also very happy to see him around

Again some time passed. One day his dog was frightened by a tiger. He again came running and his in the saint's laps. When asked what happened the dog told that a tiger had chased him. The sage gain took pity on him and turned him into a beautiful girl by the power of his penance.

Now the girl used to stay in his Aashram and used to do all his work - cleaning, cooking and taking care of him. The saint felt very comfortable with her presence. But she was a girl, how long he could keep her in the house so he thought to marry her.

He thought to marry her to the Moon as he was very beautiful, but she did not agree to marry the Moon. Then he proposed the Sun to her who was giving light to the whole world. The girl did not like him either. Now he proposed Indra to her, but she refused to marry him too. Now the saint was in a big flux, to whom to marry his beautiful girl?

That a mouse ran through his hut, and seeing that mouse the girl's went pink. The saint understood that who was her loving husband. He turned her into a mice again and married her to that mouse.

It is very difficult to change the original habits and nature of somebody.
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