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Once there lived many fishes in a pond. Everyday, they would wake up in the morning with a dread - the fisherman’s net. The fisherman would be there every morning, and without fail he cast his net. And without fail many fishes would get caught in it every morning. Some would be taken by surprise, some caught napping, some would not find any place to hide while some others, even though aware of the lurking danger, would simply find no means to escape the deadly net.

Among these fishes, there was one young fish that was always cheerful. It had no fear of the fisherman’s net and it seemed to have mastered the art of being alive and staying alive. All the senior fishes wondered as to what might be the secret of this little fish so that it is alive. How could it manage so well when their cumulative experience and wisdom were not enough to save them from the net. Unable to bear their curiosity and desperate to find a way to escape the net, all the fishes went to this little fish one evening.

“Hey little one, We have all come here to talk to you.”
“Me?” said the little fish - “What do you want to speak to me about?”
“We actually want to ask you something. Tomorrow morning, the fisherman will be back again. Are you not scared of getting caught in his net?”
“The little fish smiled, “No, I am not, because I will never be caught in his evil net ever”

“Share with us O little one, the secret behind your confidence and success”, the elders pleaded.
“It is very simple”, said the little fish. “When the fisherman comes to cast his net, I rush and stay at his feet. That is one place that his net can never reach, even if the fisherman wants to cast the net. That is how, I never get caught.”
All the fishes simply marveled at the simplicity of the little fish’s wisdom.

When the Supreme Lord or the Avataar makes a descent into this ocean of worldly existence, the only way to escape the Maayaa Jaal or the net of Maayaa or illusion that He casts, is to take refuge at His lotus Feet. What it means to be close to the Master's feet.



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