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Anger Management
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A man had a son of about 15 years of age. His son used to be angry very soon. The father thought and thought as how to break his this habit, but could not think of any way. One day he called him and tried to explain him that being angry is not good, but the son was also helpless. He could not help without being angry. So the man thought of a way. He called his son, gave him some nails and said - "Dear son, Do not worry, if you get angry, but when you get angry, just go and nail 5 nails in the wood of our fence." The boy thought it was not a difficult work so he agreed. Now whenever he got angry, he just took 5 nails and nailed them in the wooden fence of his house.

Some time passed. The fence was being full with nails, but the boy also found a change in himself too. His anger was also decreasing gradually. One day he found that he was not angry at all. His father also noticed this and he got very happy that his trick had worked and he was successful in reducing his son's anger.

He called his son again and said - "It seems that you do not become angry now. Let us go and take away the nails from our fence." So both went to the fence and took out the nails from that fence with great difficulty. After they had taken all the nails out, the father said - "See, With how great difficulty we have taken out these nails from our fence? And see these holes also which they have made in the wood. In the same way when you became angry at people, you nailed their heart with your cruel speech, and even if you take those nails out from their heart, they would leave such a big hole there. Can you ever fill these holes?"

The boy got very embarrassed seeing this, he said lowering his head - "No father, never."
The father said - "In the same way the wounds you have created in others hearts by your angry speech, even if you will ask their forgiveness several times, may never be healed. That is why control your anger, because it hurts and injures others and and that injury cannot be healed.

rihmana Qaagaa p`oma ka mat taorhu caTkaya
TUTo sao ifr naa imalao imalao gaa^z pir jaaya



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