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Knowledge of Self Realization

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Knowledge of Self-realization

A disciple approached his Master and asked him to bestow the Gyaan – knowledge of self-realization on him immediately.

The Master told him that first he needed to discipline himself then only he could bestow that Gyaan on him.
The disciple said – “Oh Master, you are the ocean of compassion. I don't like all these disciplines. By your compassion please give me the knowledge directly.”
To which the Master replied, that he would come to his house for Bhikshaa (alms) tomorrow, and then impart that knowledge to him.

The disciple was very excited to learn this that he was getting the ultimate knowledge so easily, while others were yet to receive it even after observing years of discipline.

The next day the disciple made elaborate preparations for the Bhikshaa to his Master. After all his Master himself was coming for Bhikshaa and was about to deliver him the Ultimate Knowledge. Even Master too was preparing for Bhikshaa. After all he was first time going to his disciple’s house for Bhikshaa and was going to deliver to him the Ultimate Knowledge.

He took his vessel or begging bowl, that traditional Sanyaasee carry to accept the food from the people, and set off to his disciple’s house. On the way, he smeared some muck – a smelly substance to the bowl and proceeded on towards his disciple's house.

When the Master arrived at his disciple’s house, his disciple received him with a great honor, and was about to serve delicious food, which he had been preparing for him since morning, into the Master's bowl.

He then noticed the dirt and bad smell in the bowl, so he said to him – “Master, Your bowl is unclean, let me go and clean it.” The Master told him not to clean the bowl, but give the food directly in it.
Disciple said – “Oh Master, the bowl is very unclean and stinking. All the delicious food I have prepared for you with great care will get spoiled if I put it in it. Please allow me to clean the bowl first.”

The Master replied – “Just as you want to clean the bowl before giving the food to me, should I not clean your bowl (head) into which I want to put my carefully prepared the food of Ultimate Knowledge?”

The disciple understood the necessity of discipline before receiving the Ultimate Knowledge. He fell on his Master’s feet and asked his forgiveness.



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