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Raamdaas Saves the Life of His Disciple

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Saving Life of His Disciple

Raamdaas Jee Saved the Life of His Disciple
Raamdaas Jee is called Samarth Raamdaas. He was the Guru of Shivaa Jee.

Once a 12-year old boy, Shiv Raam, told Raamdaas Jee that he would live with him. Guru allowed him to live with him, so he went with him. Guru Jee took rest and sent his new disciple to bring Bhikshaa. So Shiv Raam went to ask for Bhikshaa. Some people tried to make a mockery of him, so they sent him to a house in which one Avinaash Chandra Taantrik lived. Shiv Raam went there and called - "Jaya Raam Samarth." The Taantrik asked - "Why do you call Jaya Raam Samarth, why don't you call "Bhikshaam Dehi"?" Shiv Raam said - "He is my Guru, that is why I take his name only." Taantrik got angry at this. He had Vaak Siddhi - whatever he said came to be true. In spite of saying so several times when Shiv Raam did not say "Bhikshaam Dehi", he got angry and cursed him - "you will die tomorrow morning".

Shiv Raam came back to his Guru. Guru asked him - "Did you bring Bhikshaa?" Shiv Raam said - "I have brought the curse instead of Bhikshaa. I went to Avinaash Chandra's house, he has cursed me that I will die tomorrow." Guru Jee said - "Why do you fear. Death will come tomorrow, till you will live. Come and massage my feet and continue to massage them until I stop you. Do not sleep at all do not care for anything." Shiv Raam started to massage Guru's feet. Now Avinaash sent a Krityaa to kill him. She came first assuming the form of a he-buffalo, but seeing him massaging his Guru's feet went away. Then she came in the form of lion, but seeing him massaging Guru's feet again went back. Then she came in the form of the boy's mother and asked him to come with her. Now the child got confused. He thought, "Is she really my mother? And if she is how did she come there? And if she is my mother, should I go with her?" But at the same time he remembered Guru's order, so he asked that Krityaa - "How did you come here?" Now Krityaa can kill but cannot speak so she could not speak and went away. Shiv Raam continued to massage Raamdaas' feet.

Now she came again in the morning and fell on Guru's feet. Guru pardoned her and then she went back to Avinaash and tried to kill him. Seeing this Avainaash came running to Raam Daas Jee and asked for his forgiveness. Guru Jee asked - "Why did you create this Krityaa? "To kill this boy." "You wanted to kill my disciple?" "I am sorry, but now I have come to be your disciple. Please protect me." Guru Jee destroyed Krityaa, and accepted him as his disciple." Thus Guru saved the life of his disciple.



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