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Raamdaas Saves the Life of His Disciple

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Saving Life of His Disciple

A man has fallen into a well. A man offers to lift him up. The fallen man asks - "Sir, You offer to lift me up, but, would you not, in this attempt, fall down?"

The man on top questions back  "Do you think that I do not value my life? I can lift not just one like you but a hundred, a thousand, a Laakh and a Crore of people fallen into this well."
This man having gained confidence in the man's words places another question - "How will you lift me up?"

The man on top says, I will drop a rope, catch hold of it, and I will pull you out of the well."
The fallen man now doubts the strength of the rope.
The man come to lift him up and assures him, "Do not doubt the strength of the rope. Note the trademark on it. It is a strong one." So, the fallen man catches hold of the rope and is lifted up.

He now asks the one who has helped him out - "Now that you have lifted me up, do you seek some payment from me?"
The one who has helped him laughs and says - "I am happy having successfully lifted you out of the well. I seek nothing in return."



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