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Sant Sevaa of a Braahman

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Sant Sevaa of a Braahman

Sant are above everything
Raamaanuj was born in Tamil Naaadu, Chennai. Within that village where Raaamaanuj lived, there were Raamaanuj's two disciples – one was very rich and one was very poor. Raamaanuj told his disciples to go to the house of the rich devotee, because his group was more than fifty in total, and asked him to prepare Prasaadam and arrange a place to stay for all of them. Two of Raamaanuj’s disciples went to the rich man’s house and gave him this message. The rich man felt extremely happy and became totally absorbed in preparing for the arrival of Raamaanuj and all of his disciples. However, he didn’t come back out to share these plans with his two god-brothers at the door. After waiting for some time, those two disciples went back to Raamaanuj and told him that they went to the house of that rich devotee, but he had left them waiting and had not come back to them. Raamaanuj replied - “Oh, then we will all go to the house of that poor man.”

That very poor Braahman immediately went to beg for ingredients so that his wife could cook Prasaadam. He had only one piece of proper cloth, which his wife used, so when he would go for begging, he would take that cloth of his wife and went to beg. On that particular day, after midday, he could not collect the alms any more, and so decided to return home. In the meantime, Raamaanuj, with all of his disciples, suddenly came to his house. His wife was very happy to see her Guru Dev, but she also felt very ashamed because she had no proper cloth to wear. Raamaanuj understood this, and he gave her his own Chaadar (wrapping cloth). She wrapped that cloth around herself and came in his presence. After that she him gave a mat and his followers to sit on, she began to wonder, "How shall I arrange Prasaadam for everyone?"

She remembered that one of her neighbors, who was a rich businessman, was very attracted to her and had lusty desires toward her. He had previously told her of his desires, but she was very chaste and had always rejected his proposals. However, in her current predicament, she went to that man and told him that she would fulfill his desire.

She was thinking - “What is the use of my chastity if I cannot serve my Guru Dev? For my Guru Dev, I should be prepared to do anything.” She told that rich man, “I am ready to do whatever you want, but in return I want you to arrange many ingredients so that I can cook and give Prasaadam to my Guru Dev and all of his disciples.” Hearing this, the rich man became very joyful and gave her more than what she wanted. Taking all that he gave her, she prepared very good Prasaadam for all the devotees, and everyone was happy.

While Raamaanuj and all the devotees were resting after Prasaadam, her husband returned home. He asked her, "Guru Dev and all his disciples have come. How are we going to arrange for their needs?" She replied, "I have done everything. There is nothing to worry about. They have all taken Prasaadam and are resting now." Her husband asked, "How did you make all those arrangements?"

She began to tell him the story about the lusty neighbor. She said - "I was thinking that my Guru Dev has come; if I cannot serve him, then what is the use of my chastity? So I went and told that lusty man that if he would give me all the ingredients to make very nice Prasaadam, then I would offer myself to him. He did as I asked, so now that it is night I must go to him.” Her husband told her - “I will come with you.”

It was raining at that time, so they took an umbrella and went to the house of that rich person along with the Mahaa-Prasaadam. The wife entered his home alone, and the man became very happy to see her. The man asked her - “It is raining heavily tonight, and it appears you have come all alone. Didn’t anyone bring you?” She told him - “My husband came with me,” and she gave him the Prasaadam remnants of Raamaanuj's food. The lusty man took those remnants and became totally transformed. He fell flat at the lotus feet of that lady and begged her - “Excuse me. Excuse me.” The lady and her husband then returned to their house. The next day, their neighbor came to Raamaanuj and prayed to him - “I want to be initiated by you.” Raamaanuj then initiated him.

In the meantime, Kuresh arrived in the village of the poor devotee couple where Raamaanuj was staying. Seeing Kuresh, Raamaanuj called out his name. Kuresh went to his Guru Dev and wanted to have his Darshan, but he had no eyes. Raamaanuj put his hand over Kuresh’s wounds and his two eyes manifested at once on his face. He could see again.



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